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Summary of Time4Learning

Time4Learning’s online PreK – 12th Grade Curriculum includes complete student-paced lessons, printable worksheets, and graded activities for Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies, as well as high school electives. Time4Learning provides adjustable grade levels and student-led learning to accommodate the individual child’s needs. Lesson plans and detailed reporting make record keeping simple. All for $19.95/month for elementary and middle school students, or $30/mo for high school students. 100% satisfaction guarantee within 14 days. No Contracts.  

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More and more people are starting to homeschool. This trend began before COVID, but really took a rise once the pandemic hit. I've been homeschooling my children for several years now and I'm still coming across great programs. Some new, some I wish I had found sooner. One I wish to share with you today is Time4Learning.  

What is Time4Learning?

Time4Learning is an online homeschooling curriculum for all grades.  They are dedicated to bringing a convenient and flexible homeschooling option to parents while giving students the opportunity to take control of their education through student-led courses.  Further, Time4Learning offers parents full access to grades and reports, printable worksheets and lesson plans, as well as easy scheduling.
Time4Learning provides 24/7 access for both students and parents, as well as parental support through the Parent Forum, and a social network for students called Time4Friends.
  • Grades: PreK-12th
  • Subjects Covered: Core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies), Foreign languages, and electives for high schoolers.
  • Worldview: Secular
  • Homeschool Method/Style: Traditional online

How to Use Time4Learning 

To start, parents should know that Time4Learning is a completely online homeschool program.  While certain curriculum may combine digital elements & physical books, Time4Learning is completely digital.  With Time4Learning, your students can access their courses and assignments simply by logging in, regardless of which computer they are using.  For that reason, parents may find it helpful to have access to schoolwork from their phone, tablet, laptop, or family computer. Therefore, families interested in using Time4Learning will need an internet connection.
On another note, parents may enroll multiple students in the Time4Learning program, regardless of varying ages.  As noted earlier, for Pre-K through 8th grades, parents will receive a discount on each student following the first student signed up.  The program for each enrolled high school student will retain the same monthly cost, however, parents still have the option to enroll as many high school students as they wish.
Lesson Planning
With Time4Learning, the program is completely student-led.  Because of this, your students can progress through the course as fast or as slow as they need and they won’t get behind with the program.  However, if the homeschool parent would like for the student to complete a course during a semester or full school year, they may want to assign a certain number of daily lessons.  Consequently, homeschooling parents may want to spend some time lesson planning for the year.
However, Time4Learning offers a few tools to make this process easier.  Parents can assign and check off lessons as they are completed through the week to ensure their students are on task for completing the course at the desired rate.  Additionally, when lessons are skipped or pushed back, parents can adjust the schedule accordingly.
When homeschool parents look into recordkeeping, they must first define what “recordkeeping” means.  What exactly are you looking for? Prepared reports, transcripts, and a diploma upon graduation? Or recorded grades available for easily printing reports and transcript or diploma templates?
Time4Learning is not a school, but rather, a homeschooling curriculum.  Consequently, they do not prepare transcripts, transcript transfers, or diplomas, and a student does not “graduate” from Time4Learning.  However, the Time4Learning automated system does automatically grade your student’s lessons, record said grades, and keep easily accessible reports.  Further, they offer resources for transcript and diploma templates.
With Time4Learning, the homeschool parent will assume full responsibility as the teacher.  Many students find themselves capable of working through the Time4Learning program on their own, however, the parent is still regarded as the teacher for helping their students through concepts, problems, and explanations.  Time4Learning is the curriculum through which the homeschool parent teaches their student. Additionally, Time4Learning offers a number of solution guides, answer keys, and online teaching tools for homeschooling parents.
The Time4Learning customer support team is available by email daily and by phone Monday-Friday.  They can be reached at (888) 771-0914.  Further, the Time4Learning Parent Forum is a great place for reading about other’s experiences, suggestions, and to post your own questions.  There is also a Facebook Families Group!

Time4Learning Program Features

Time4Learning homeschool reviews often cover how well the curriculum worked for their child or how they liked it overall for their family, but they don’t typically discuss the actual features of the program and how it will work from day to day.
To start, Time4Learning is student-led.  We’ve stated this previously, but what does it actually mean?  This curriculum can be started at any time during the year and ended whenever the courses are finished.  This means that students can even start Time4Learning if they get halfway through a public school semester and switch to homeschooling mid-year.
Each membership begins upon the registration date and can be paused or canceled at any time through the parent’s account.  Access to curriculum and reports will be available until the end of the billing cycle.
Grade-level program packages are offered as follows:

Pre-K – 8th

  • Preschool
    • Time4Learning preschool focuses on the middle ground where play & learning meet!  Children learn pre-reading and pre-math skills.

  • Kindergarten
    • Time4Learning offers fundamental concepts for math, language arts, and science.  Students will learn letters, sounds, words, reading sight words, and even begin to construct simple sentences with the language arts program.  With math, the program provides a good foundation with counting, sorting, recognizing more or less, patterns, and basic addition/subtraction. As for science, Time4Learning provides members with access to the Science4Us kindergarten curriculum at no extra cost.  Students will learn basic science concepts through interactive activities, songs, and projects!

  • 1st – 8th grade
    • The membership for these grades includes the primary subjects: math, social studies, science, and language arts.
    • Social studies is specifically offered for 2nd-7th grades.  However, first graders can have access to the 2nd-grade social studies, and 8th graders can have continued access to the 7th-grade level social studies.  2nd grade is the lowest level offered for social studies and 7th grade is the highest middle school level.
    • Time4Languages is available to all grade levels, even Kindergarten, as a foreign language option for an additional monthly fee.

High School

  • Membership includes the 4 Primary Subjects: math, social studies, science, & language arts.
  • Electives Available
    • Health & Economics
    • Personal Finance
    • Time4Languages
  • Add courses for an extra $5/course per month.
  • The high school membership program includes:
    • Lesson plans, resources, and teaching tools.
    • Answer keys, tests, quizzes, and worksheets (both online and in print).
    • An Activity Planner for planning out the entire year, or even just a few months or weeks at a time.
    • Automated grading and reports for tracking your student’s progress.
    • Curriculum customization options for multiple grade levels on various courses per your student’s skills.
    • A secure online learning environment with 24/7 access.

Time4Learning Pros and Cons

One of the best ways to determine whether a curriculum is a fit for your family is to narrow down the list into pros and cons.  Determining the highlights of a program can help provide a snapshot of the whole and show whether the most important options for your family are provided by the curriculum.  Time4Learning reviews typically reveal how the program works for each family, but not necessarily a comprehensive list of the merits or cons.
With this chart, we aim to breakdown the good and not-so-good aspects so families can perhaps move closer to a decision.  It’s far too easy for curriculum choices to become overwhelming and it can seem daunting to lay out all the options and pros or cons of each.  While each point is relative to the individual family, we hope this list is helpful for homeschool families considering Time4Learning. 
Fully Online. Time4Learning is a completely online curriculum. This may be a good option for families who like to homeschool on the go, don’t have a lot of space for extra school supplies, or need a program that’s easily accessible with a login rather than a downloaded program specific to an individual computer. More Screen Time. Since Time4Learning is a fully online program, the amount of screen time may be a concern for parents wishing to cut back on screens for their kids.
Student-Paced Courses. Your students have the option to work through the course as fast as they like. Whether they want to get ahead for an early break or need to take longer on certain lessons, they have the flexibility to do so. Lack of Structured Schedules. Though student-paced courses have their upsides, they also carry the potential for taking longer than a school-year to finish a course when schedules and deadlines aren’t enforced by an online school.
Available Customer Support. Parents aren’t left to figure everything out for themselves. Time4Learning offers weekday support for phone, chat, and email, and even weekend support via email! Limited Support. While Time4Learning does offer weekday support via phone, chat, and email, at the end of the day, there isn’t academic support for your student’s progress due to Time4Learning being a curriculum and not a school. Additionally, support is limited on the weekend to emails, which may be an issue for working parents during the week.
Flexibility for Supplementation. Time4Learning offers four core subjects, which allows for a lot of flexibility with supplementing certain electives or studies in addition to the main courses. Only 4 Core Subjects Offered. Due to Time4Learning only offering 4 core subjects, homeschooling parents may feel that their student needs to study more topics and perhaps need to research and add supplemental curriculum.
No Accreditation. Many curricula raise their prices due to their coursework being accredited. However, several homeschoolers realize that accreditation is not always necessary and would appreciate paying less for a curriculum rather than paying more for a non-essential label. No Accreditation. Time4Learning is not a school, but rather a curriculum provider, and their coursework is not accredited. This could be a con for parents who’d prefer the label of accreditation if they are worried about strict state standards or selective colleges.
Secular Worldview. The Time4Learning curriculum is presented with a secular worldview, which could be a great option for families looking to avoid religious-based coursework, or even for Christians who would rather use curriculum with a secular worldview. Secular Worldview. Christians may consider the secular worldview a con if they are looking for a biblical-based curriculum.
Set Lesson Plans. Time4Learning has many tools available for parents to lesson plan, however, there is no need to create lessons with Time4Learning. The coursework is automatically divided into ready-to-go lessons. Parents simply need to plan how slow or quickly their students should work through each course. Set Learning Material. Though the comprehensive lessons cover essential topics to avoid learning gaps, if parents are wanting to create lessons themselves, Time4Learning coursework may not allow for such flexibility. It is a curriculum with pre-created lessons.
Recordkeeping. The program creates reports with student grades, which parents can easily print. Lessons also include timestamps on activities for attendance purposes. Restricted Recordkeeping. Since Time4Learning is not a school, it keeps grades with printable reports, but it does not offer full records, such as transcripts, diplomas, and so on.
Automatic Grading. As students work through the coursework, their assignments are automatically graded and recorded by the program, saving parents both time and effort. This could be especially helpful for parents homeschooling multiple children, or working parents. Automatic Grading. The Time4Learning program automatically grades the student’s work, which could result in incorrect grades when the context is not considered by a program. However, parents should be able to alter grades as they see necessary.
Electives Available. Foreign language electives via Time4Languages and powered by Rosetta Stone are available for an additional fee for all students (elementary through high school)! Limited Electives. Other than foreign languages offered via Time4Languages, electives are only available to high school students. On that note, Time4Learning has a rather limited number of electives: Economics, Personal Finance, or Health.

How much does Time4Learning cost? 

Time4Learning is based on a monthly fee without a contract so costs are kept low for parents, and families can start or cancel anytime they wish.  Time4Learning is an award-winning curriculum, but they strive to keep their curriculum affordable for families. Specifically for their Pre-K-8th program, they offer a discount for each additional registered student.
Pre-K – 8th High School
$19.95/mo $30/mo for four courses
Additional student: $14.95/mo + $5/mo for each additional course
Time4Languages: $59.95 for 6 months of access.              Time4Languages: $59.95 for 6 months of access.

Time4Learning FAQ’s

Is Time4Learning Common Core?

Since Time4Learning is not a school, they do not need to follow Common Core guidelines for their curriculum.  Time4Learning says: The Time4Learning program is designed to correlate to all state standards, and uses a variety of teaching styles to provide for the requirements and preferences of students across the US and beyond. The teaching approach used in some activities might appear similar to common core methods, while many others will not. We have not made changes to our curriculum to align specifically with common core. We do not participate in any common core practices like data tracking. The program provides parents a wide variety of lessons with the flexibility to use the materials as they need.”

Is Time4Learning a complete curriculum?

Yes, Time4Learning covers the core subjects aligned with most state standards, but parents should always check their state guidelines for homeschooling requirements.

How do I cancel Time4Learning?

Parents should be able to cancel at any time within their parent account, or by contacting Time4Learning customer support.

Does Time4Learning have an app?

Time4Learning can be accessed through the free Puffin Academy app (available in iTunes and Google Play Store), however, for best optimization, they recommend using the website on a device that supports Adobe Flash Player.  Most desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablets and netbooks, should be fine, but Kindle devices are not recommended.

Is Time4Learning accredited?

No.  The Time4Learning website says: Accreditation applies to institutions like virtual schools or a brick-and-mortar school. Since Time4Learning is a curriculum and not a school, accreditation does not apply to us.”

How does Time4Learning work?

Time4Learning is an online homeschooling curriculum, accessed through the website and completely student-paced.  The program includes automatic grading and reports for parents to print.

Can you use Time4Learning on an iPad?

As long as the device supports Adobe Flash Players, most tablets should be able to run Time4Learning.

Is Time4Learning secular?

Yes.  As the Time4Learning website states: Each of the secular activities in the Time4Learning curriculum is standards-based, and correlates with the average public school curriculum. That means that each one of our lessons (even the science and social studies!) is free of religious undertones or biases.”

Does Time4Learning teach evolution?

Yes.  Time4Learning is a secular curriculum and is aligned with most state standards, which includes teaching evolution.  However, several Christian homeschooling families still enjoy using Time4Learning as the program offers the flexibility to skip certain lessons if preferred.
The website says: Time4Learning offers a quality secular curriculum without the religious undertones that homeschoolers won’t need to settle for. It combines 1000+ multimedia lessons, printable worksheets and graded activities to teach math and language arts lessons correlated to state standards. Science, social studies and art are also provided as a bonus for most grades.”

Is Time4Learning Christian-based?

No, Time4Learning is a secular-based homeschooling curriculum.

Are there coupons for Time4Learning?

Homeschooling parents may be able to find coupons or discount codes for Time4Learning during certain promotional periods or on websites such as  However, it is not guaranteed that a coupon or discount is available.
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