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If you’re looking to have your wedding on a budget, these free samples for weddings can help you to the same way that they did me. They’re not going to help you save thousands on your wedding, but they will help you save a little.
My motto is that any savings is a good saving and that is never truer than when you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget. Your wedding should be the first thing that you and your fiance look to save money on, but it shouldn’t be the only thing.
Too many couples go into debt for their wedding then spend years trying to pay it off. Don’t be that couple and don’t be the planning a wedding on a budget be the last thing that you discuss financially. Your finances as a couple should start before you get married and since money is one of the leading causes of divorce in this country, should be a priority for you both as newlyweds and during the first 2 years of your marriage. Saving money on your wedding doesn’t have to be one of those situations where you are constantly banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to do “more” to save.
There are a lot of ways that you can save money on your wedding. Aside from using wedding freebies to save, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on your wedding dress, save money on wedding decor, save money on wedding flowers and even ways to save money on wedding photos. I know that it can seem hard to do, but if you really get creative and you buckle down to become determined to have a wedding on a budget, you can absolutely do it.
Another way to plan your wedding on a budget is to earn all of the extra money and free gift cards that you can. I personally earn $100 extra every single month using a system that I worked out. If you did things the way that I do, you could very likely “pay” for a lot of your wedding items with a gift card.
One last thing before we jump into these free wedding samples. The free wedding samples below are free at the time of posting. I can not guarantee that they will stay that way. I do try to keep this post updated, but sometimes one slips through the cracks or I just overlook it. If that happens, would you be so kind as to leave me a comment or email me and let me know so that I can remove it from the list?  
Also, please do not commit fraud to get these gifts. If you are not truly getting married, since a lot of these involve sending forms through the mail, you could be charged with mail fraud from the company. I’d hate to see that happen to any of you.
Finally, do you know someone who’s having a baby? If so, don’t miss out on TONS of baby freebies HEREThey are fantastic in gift baskets as shower gifts! 
We also have a HUGE list of homeschool freebies HERE if you know anyone that it might benefit from it! Can you tell? I really, really like freebies. 

Free Money for Brides who shop online

If you need to shop for your wedding, Rakuten this is wonderful. You can shop at your favorite bridal stores like David's Bridal and many others. When you click through your Rakuten account, you will receive a percentage of your purchase back in cash. This applies in addition to the vouchers! Just shop through Rakuten that you would have done anyway and wait for your cash back check to be in the mail or through PayPal!
Scan your coupons for frequently purchased items at several popular stores and earn cash back. Sign up today to see all the things you can get money back on! I love Ibotta's money, just have to remember to use it. 
Receive your FREE 16x20 Custom Canvas or get 65% off any other size Canvas from CanvasPeople, just pay to ship.
If you have not joined Cash App yet, you can join for FREE and get a FREE $10 when you use the coupon code HBFTJGJ when you join! You just need to send $5 first, which, which you can send to your spouse! Or if you have no one to send it to, just sent it to me at $closetsamples
TIP: Keep track of your income and expenses with my income tracker spreadsheet for Excel

Free 5-piece Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Set

If you have to clean your reception location or just want to start your newly married life off with a clean home, head HERE and sign up for a Grove account. New Grove customers receive a FREE 5-piece Mrs. Meyers cleaning set with their first order of $20.00.

Free Wedding Venues

Let’s face it; wedding venues are not cheap and can cost more money for each person you invite. If you can get a free venue, you will be saving a ton of money. These ideas for free wedding venues are a great place to start:  

Chapel Dulcinea Free Wedding Venue

If you are near the Austin, Texas area, check out Chapel Dulcinea. They do require a deposit to hold your date because they are such a highly sought out location. The deposit is fully refundable, however, making them free to use. 

Your local city park as a free wedding venue

Most city parks are beautiful and free. If yours allows you to reserve a shelter house, consider having both your wedding and your reception here.

Your own backyard as a free wedding venue

Do you have a large back yard? Why not save money and hold your wedding there? You would probably need to rent chairs and any other decorations or pieces you want included, but doing that may be cheaper than paying to rent a venue.

Your Home Church as a free wedding venue

Most churches do not charge their own members to use the facilitates for a wedding. Yes, you’ll need to pay the Preacher but you would need to do that anyhow.
TIP: I recommend getting a planner to make notes and keep track of all the things you need to get done before your wedding day! You can also grab my computer desktop organizer to help keep you on track and organized as well!

Freebies for Opening a Wedding Registry

Wedding freebies are super easy to grab when you open a wedding registry. Some places will give you a bonus gift simply for opening the registry. Others will require a specific purchase amount or a specific item to be purchased. Your best bet is to check the requirements of each one individually. 

Dillard’s Free Wedding Registry Gifts

Dillard’s has several different incentives for opening a free wedding registry. These include a Free Pop and Serve Popcorn Maker, free luggage, cookware, coupon codes, and more. Each one had different requirements. When you register for a Dillard’s registry, you’ll also receive the “I thee wed” wedding planner free, free shower cards, and even free wedding gifts in-store after the ceremony. 

Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry Freebies 

Crate and Barrel also offers multiple wedding registry freebies. They include things from free cookware to free Nespresso credit. You can check them out and create your Crate and Barrel wedding registry HERE. There are other benefits to opening a Crate and Barrel wedding registry. You’ll receive 10% off for 6 months if your registry completes, a coupon to save 15% off tux rental, complimentary announcement cards, and more. 

Williams-Sonoma Wedding registry freebies

Head HERE to create a wedding registry at Williams-Sonoma to score 10% off and free bonus gifts. The gifts change often so I don’t want to mention a specific one in case it expires. Your best bet is to create your registry to check. Once you have signed in, you will be able to see their wedding registry bonus gifts. 

Target Free Wedding Registry Gifts

Create a Target wedding registry HERE and you’ll very likely score a high dollar coupon, other store coupons, and more. When you create your Target registry, you will receive 15% off all gifts you don’t receive after the wedding date and free bonus gifts. 

Bloomingdale’s Free Wedding Registry Gifts

Head over HERE and create a wedding registry at Bloomingdale’s including free completion gifts such as free barware, free cutlery, and more. You’ll also receive 20% off dresses and suits, 10% off everything left on your registry, and a one-time-use 20% off coupon to use within three months of your wedding. Other benefits include a free thank-you card manager, free printable checklists, and more. 

Macy’s Bridal Registry Freebies

Create a Macy’s Wedding Registry HERE and you’ll score free coupons to save as much as 25% off and of course, free gifts depending on how much of your registry is completed. Registry freebies include everything from cookware to home decor. They also offer free wedding events, a Newlywed discount, and their Dream Fund program. One perk that sets the Macy’s Wedding Registry apart from the others is their Macy’s Star Rewards program. This program offers cash back – up to 10% – on purchases you make at Macy’s in the form of a free Macy’s gift card. Combine the rewards program with the Newlywed discount and other coupons and you have the potential for fantastic savings. 

Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry Freebies

Create a Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry HERE and you’ll be eligible for a 20% off coupon, free wedding gifts at their Rock Your Registry events, and more. They also offer free wedding gifts such as free stemware depending on the gifts purchased from your registry. 

Sur La Table Free Wedding Gifts

Sur La Table is one of the few sites I have seen that clearly say they will give you free wedding gifts simply for registering. Register HERE and you can score wedding freebies such as a free Pop and Serve Popcorn maker, free cut resistant gloves, and more. They also include completion gifts as most registries do. Registrants also receive a 10% off coupon code after their wedding, special events, and more. 

Belk Wedding Registry Freebies

To start, when you visit the Belk website, you will be given a pop-up offer to subscribe to their email list. Doing so gets you a very sweet $10 off $20.00 purchase coupon. This is not a free wedding sample per se’, but it would be a great way to save money on something you need. Belk refers to their wedding registry as their Registry Rebates program. Create your Belk Wedding Registry HERE and you could score free products from companies such as Calphalon, Waterford Crystal, Lenox, Cuisinart, and more. 

JCPenney Wedding Registry Gifts

Sign up for a JCPenney Wedding Registry and get Free Wedding Announcement cards as well as completion gifts and coupons. I did not register at JCPenney and their website is pretty vague so you’ll need to create your registry to see what their current offers are.

Free Box of Personalized Checks from 4Checks

New brides will need to update their name on bank accounts which may mean ordering new checks. Head HERE and you can snag a free box of personalized checks when you buy 1 other. I use this company for our own checks and love them! Use coupon code 4MHM to get the free box.

FREE Wedding Apps

In the days of everything digital, there are tons of free wedding apps that offer you help with planning, budgeting, and saving for your wedding. Here are a few free wedding apps you will want to try!

Free Wedding Books and Magazines

Free wedding books can be hard to find, however, they do exist. Click on the name of the book to go directly to it. If you see any that aren’t free any longer, please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can remove them. 

You may also get Free wedding magazines from these:

Library: Check out wedding magazines from your local library. You can't keep them, but you can make a copy of anything you'd like to hang on to.
Free Magazine Trials: Sign up for a free trial of wedding magazines. Many of the wedding magazines have free trials. You can subscribe and then cancel before you're charged. You should be able to get 1-2 free issues this way.
Craigslist: Post an inquiry on Craigslist for free wedding magazines. You may just find someone whose wedding is over and wants to get rid of old magazines.
Other Brides: If you know other women who are getting married or have been recently married, ask them if they subscribe to any wedding magazines. They'll probably be more than happy to hand over a stack that they've already read!
Bridal Shows: Bridal shows are a great place to pick up wedding freebies. This includes free subscriptions to local and national wedding magazines.
Pinterest: If you can't get your hands on a free wedding magazine subscription, Pinterest is a great place to browse for hours of wedding inspiration. 


Free Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Shop at Shutterfly has two ways that you can get free samples of their wedding invitations and stationery.
#1 Free sample kit - This is a curated group of various designs that allow you to see how the paper feels and what foil stamping looks like. It also includes a 40% off coupon. You'll need to enter a credit card to get the deal but it's 100% free, and you won't be charged.
#2 Pick out 5 different designs with your own wedding details printed on them. - Simply choose your invites, enter your personal details, and then add them to your card. Use code 5WEDINVITES to get them mailed to you for free. This offer excludes foil-stamped and glitter invitations. 
You can order a free wedding sample kit that includes five designs and swatches of their premium paper. Minted also mails out free wedding invitation samples in your choice of design. You'll also get to pick design color and paper type. Keep in mind that the samples won't have any personalized text or photos on them.
To choose which samples you get, find one you like and click Order a Free Sample underneath the thumbnail. Choose the color and any other options available before adding it to your cart. After you've chosen which free wedding invitation samples you'd like to receive, enter the code 10FREESAMPLES during checkout to get a $10 sample credit. Each of the samples will also come with a matching RSVP card and envelope. Free shipping is included. You will need to enter your credit card information for this freebie. Make sure that the order says $0 before you submit it. 
Vistaprint has a free wedding invitation sample kit that includes various invitation samples in different finishes and sizes, samples of an RSVP card, and save the date card with custom envelopes, Sample programs, menus, and paper samples. These free wedding invitation sample packs are available in the U.S. and Canada. 
Elli will ship you one free wedding invitation sample or save the date sample that comes with an envelope, matching response card, and response card envelope. You'll need to enter the code SAMPLE during checkout to get a sample of your chosen design. Shipping is free and no credit card information is required.

More Free Wedding invitations:


Free Address Labels 

These are needed to mail out your invitations and save the date cards! Why not get them for free?!

Free Address Labels From Charities

Some charities will send out free address labels to help increase awareness of their cause or as a small token in hopes to get you to donate to them. If you have a charity that you support, be sure to sign up for its print mailing list and you may receive some free address labels. Keep in mind that this isn't a guarantee you'll get address labels, but many have had personal luck with charities sending free address labels regularly. 


Shutterfly regularly runs promotions and you can get a lot of free stuff, including address labels. You will have to pay for shipping but if you only order address labels it will only set you back a few dollars.

Print Your Own Labels 

Another way to get free address labels is by creating your own in Canva or in Microsoft Word. When making free address labels it's quickest to use label sheets for your printer but you can also use regular paper or cardstock and adhere them to your envelope.

Free Wedding Printables


Free Calligraphy Fonts

One of the main reasons for getting your wedding invites printed for you is to get the neat calligraphy. Head over HERE to find Free Calligraphy fonts

Free Wedding Congratulations from The White House

Submit your request to the White House after the ceremony and you’ll receive free congratulations back. US Congressman Dwight Evans has information on how to submit right HERE on his website.

Free photo editing software

Skip having the photographer edit your images and download these free photo editing software programs to do it yourself!

Free Wedding Gowns 

One of the most expensive parts of a wedding is the actual wedding dress or wedding gown. The dress is what makes you feel like a princess on your special day. However, you can get the dress of your dreams for free. Here are a few places to score free wedding gowns.

Free ThredUp Credit

Head over HERE and you can score a FREE $10.00 Credit to ThredUp. You could use this credit to score a free wedding accessory or even to save on your wedding attire.  

Every Girls Dream INC

Their mission is to provide free wedding gowns to brides undergoing financial hardship in the Southeast Michigan area. Fill out the application to see if you qualify.

Brides Across America

Brides Across America provides free wedding dresses to women in the military or those who are marrying into the military. More information can be found HERE on their website.  

Barter for a Wedding Dress

Someone may have your dream wedding dress in storage and you may have a treasure that they want. This is a great way you can barter to get a wedding dress. 

Win a Wedding Dress

While this one doesn't promise a free dress, it is certainly worth the try! Wedding companies and websites will often have wedding sweepstakes ​for free dresses, honeymoons, rings, and even entire weddings.​ Check with all the local bridal shops to see if they have any contests running. 

Free Wedding Jewelry

FREE Pair of 2 Carat Diamond Earrings - Just Pay Shipping ($79.95 Value) 

Why spend a thousand dollars on Diamonds when you can get a pair for FREE. Score a FREE Pair of Lab Diamond Earrings (originally $79.95) just pay $9.95 shipping. This is an amazing promo to help spread the word for this company and I doubt it'll last long. These are 2-carat lab created diamond earrings that have been getting rave reviews to. I don't know about you but I'm one of these people who love a rich, glitzy look but don't want to pay the big rich prices, and these are promised to look every bit real. 

FREE 2ct Diamond Pendant Necklace - Just Pay Shipping ($39.95 value) 

Score a FREE 2 ct Diamond Pendant Necklace from Lulu Rose (regular price is $39.95). You just need to pay the $10 shipping cost. They gave away free diamond earrings last month and readers loved them! This free promo for the necklace won't last long. These are lab-created diamonds that are becoming very popular right now and were even featured on the news.  

Free Wedding Beauty Samples

MAC: Need a lash application for your bachelorette party? MAC offers professional fittings and complementary applications with the purchase of MAC lashes. 
Macy’s: Get free makeup consults for eyes, brows, lips, and foundation. No need to pay a makeup artist to experiment with new looks for your wedding — or for your pre-wedding parties and festivities. 
Nordstrom: Need travel-sized beauty items for your day-of wedding kit? Nordstrom offers plenty of free gifts with purchase. The free gifts vary, but range from samples from top brands, to multi-piece gift sets. Plus, Nordstrom offers free makeup application lessons for eyes, lips, brows, and more.
Origins: Origins is also known for frequently offering free samples with orders over a certain amount.

Free Bridal Show Tickets


Free Wedding Flowers 

Pick Your Own Flowers for Your Wedding

One of the easiest ways to get free flowers for your wedding is to pick them yourself. If you're getting married in the spring, summer, or even fall, you'll be able to find some beautiful wildflowers that you can pick for free. Tie some ribbons around these flowers and your guests will think you went rustic on purpose.
No flowers nearby? It's also easy to grow wildflowers. Pick up a few cheap seed packets or get some seeds for free and sprinkle them somewhere that's easy to access. Most wildflowers grow quickly, so you only have to plant them a few months before your wedding. 

Use Flowers In Your Church

If you are getting married in a church, consider setting your wedding date close to a holiday that the church already purchases flowers for. They'll be more than happy to let you use them for your big day. During the holiday season and Easter is usually when churches decorate the most. Often times they'll buy flowers to sit near the front and the back of the church. You'll get to use their flowers and they've even already decorated the church. 

Make Your Own Paper or Fabric Flowers

Using paper or fabric flowers instead of real flowers for a wedding is a huge trend right now. These flowers add some whimsy to your wedding and they can be kept forever as keepsakes since they won't die!

Other Free Wedding Samples


Planning a wedding on a budget

The deals below aren’t free, but they will go a long way toward helping you save money on your wedding and supplies. I wanted to mention them since that is your goal by being on this post. To save money.
Find deals on your honeymoon trip, photographer and more when you sign up for Groupon.
Don't forget to Sign up for Ebates while you're at it to save money on most of your online purchases! Ebates is a cashback shopping site. This means they will pay you cash back for shopping through them. Buy anything and everything you can earn cashback on (some items aren’t eligible) through Ebates to save money on your wedding. Plus, new members get a free $10.00 gift card after their first $25 purchase. And If you like Ebates then you`ll like TopCashBack, which is basically the same thing - but I like them better. 
Send personalized thank you notes with these custom note cards from Minted. This is a great way to send out save the dates, RSVPs, bridal showers, thank yous, etc. Maybe a little something special for the bridal party?!
Plus, if you're a fan of shopping at Target, you should Apply for a Target Redcard Debit Card to reap the benefits. Get free shipping from and 5% off of your purchases online or in-store.
Finally, Subscribe to the CLOSET OF FREE SAMPLES Newsletter to get even more freebies and deals. You’ll get them by email and you never know when there will be a free wedding sample included! 

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