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This post first appeared on Piping Rock. All content is theirs.

It may be an ancient practice, but it can definitely help your lifestyle today.


Ayurveda is a traditional wellness practice that has gained mainstream attention in recent years. Today, we want to supply you with all the information surrounding this traditional wellness practice so you can start incorporating it into your life.


The History


Ayurveda originated in India, and has been in use for over 3,000 years. In fact, it's one of the world's oldest systems to date. There are historical texts in Sanskrit that date back 2,000 years ago and compile everything on the Ayurvedic practice.

The term Ayurveda, when broken down, means the following: Ayur is life, and veda is science. Together, that reads "life science". So, it comes as no surprise this practice is such an influential part of the Indian culture. 

Ayurveda is centered around an interconnectedness in all things we, as humans, do. This means  everything should be working together, from the foods we eat to the way we function. 

There are 3 main concepts in Ayruveda, they are: universal connectedness, the body's constitution, and life forces (dosha). 

This brings us to the most important part of today's article, how to start incorporating Ayruveda into your life. 


Let's Talk Doshas


The concept of Doshas may seem foreign to anyone who isn't familiar, but they're simple to learn. However, they are a major part of practicing Ayruveda. Since we've briefed you on the history of the practice, along with the three main concepts, we figure it's now time to explore its application in your life. 

To Ayurvedic practitioners, each human being falls into one of three "doshas". Doshas follow the elements; air, water, fire, earth, and ether. The three types are, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each has its own characteristics and suggested way of maintaining a healthy life.

To find out what your dosha type is, visit Chopra's Dosha quiz here



Vata is connected to motion, such as blood circulation, breathing, blinking, the heartbeat and is ruled by space and air.

If Vata:

  • Maintain a peaceful environment  
  • Follow a regular daily routine 
  • Go to sleep early
  • Exercise regularly 



Pitta is connected to digestion, absorption, nutrition and internal temperature and is closely associated with fire and water. 

If Pitta:

  • Avoid artificial foods/sugary stimulants
  • Engage in peaceful, serene activities...spending time in nature is key
  • Meditate daily 
  • Avoid overworking or eating while angry



Kapha is connected to growth in the body, and the immune system and is associated with water and earth. 

If Kapha:

  • Practice non-attachment 
  • Make sure to maintain your emotions regularly 
  • Take time to write and meditate daily 
  • Avoid eating to offset emotion


The Food To Eat


  • Eat Whole, Healthy Foods: In Ayurveda practice, the goal is to avoid overly processed foods. It's important to consume whole, natural foods free from artificial flavoring or GMO ingredients. 
  • Opt for Fruits and Vegetables: When in doubt, go for fruits and vegetables. These are healthy options that are versatile. Since, digestion is the center of Ayurveda, try to steam or cook vegetables so that the body breaks them down easier. 
  • Use Spices: The easiest thing to eat in an Ayurveda diet are spices. Here are some of the top ones to incorporate daily:


So, there's a definitive guide to everything essential to Ayurveda. We hope this post helped steer you in the right direction and that you are confident to start practicing today!



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