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Coin Exchange Made Easy 8 Best Places to Cash in Your Coins for FREE closetsamples
Have a bunch of coins lying around and wondering where you can change them into cash without fees? You're in luck! In this guide, we'll explore the best places to exchange your coins for cash, all without incurring extra charges. From banks and credit unions to retail outlets, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and discover how you can turn your spare change into spendable cash.

Banks and Credit Unions: Your Go-To for Free Coin Exchanges

1. Chase Bank

Chase Bank offers a complimentary coin deposit service for its account holders, allowing them to deposit coins without incurring any additional fees. However, there's a requirement that the coins must be pre-wrapped in paper rolls or coin wrappers before depositing them. This means that customers need to count and wrap their coins themselves before visiting the bank. It's important to note that Chase Bank doesn't have coin counting machines available in their branches, so customers are responsible for ensuring their coins are properly prepared for deposit.

2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, a prominent financial institution, offers free coin exchange services for its customers. Like Chase Bank, Wells Fargo requires coins to be rolled before they can be exchanged for cash. If you're a Wells Fargo account holder with loose change to deposit, simply roll your coins and bring them to the bank to convert them into cash without any fees.

3. US Bank

US Bank distinguishes itself from Chase Bank and Wells Fargo by accepting unrolled coins from customers. This means that patrons can bring in loose coins without the need to wrap them in paper rolls or coin wrappers beforehand. Additionally, certain branches of US Bank offer complimentary coin counting services, equipped with coin counters for the convenience of their customers. This service allows patrons to easily convert their loose change into cash without the hassle of counting or wrapping the coins themselves.

4. Bank of America

Bank of America offers customers another practical option for exchanging rolled coins. They provide a complimentary coin deposit service, allowing customers to deposit their rolled coins without incurring any fees. However, it's important to note that there are limits on the maximum cash amounts that can be deposited in coins, and these limits vary depending on the Financial Centers of the bank. This means that customers should check with their specific branch to determine the maximum amount they can deposit in coins.

5. Credit Unions

Credit unions across the nation provide a valuable service to their members by offering complimentary coin exchange services. Institutions like Connexus Credit Union and Westerra Credit Union go a step further by providing free access to coin counters at select locations. This means that members can conveniently count and exchange their coins without incurring any fees. Additionally, credit unions often accept deposits of rolled coins from their members, further facilitating the process of converting loose change into cash. This service reflects the commitment of credit unions to providing convenient and cost-effective financial solutions to their members.

Retail Outlets: A Convenient Option for Free Coin Counting (or Cheap)

Retail outlets provide a convenient option for coin counting, either for free or at a low cost. Stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations, with QuikTrip being a notable example, offer coin exchange services. Some retailers, like Kroger, have Coinstar kiosks available for customers to convert their coins into cash. Others, like Publix, have their own coin machines. However, it's essential to be cautious of potential fees associated with using these coin-counting machines. While some may offer free services, others may deduct a portion of the coins exchanged as a service fee. Therefore, customers should carefully consider the terms and fees associated with each retail outlet's coin exchange service before utilizing them.

6. QuikTrip

In response to the national coin shortage, QuikTrip gas stations have introduced a unique service. Customers can exchange cash for coins at no cost, helping to alleviate the shortage of coins for cash transactions. QuikTrip facilitates this exchange by providing customers with coins in exact dollar values, without imposing any service fees. By offering this service, QuikTrip contributes to ensuring that there is a sufficient supply of coins available for cash-based transactions, thus benefiting both customers and businesses alike.

7. Coinstar Kiosks

Coinstar kiosks provide a convenient way to convert coins into cash, although they do impose a fee for this service. Despite the fee, many people still opt to use Coinstar for their coin exchanges due to its widespread availability and ease of use. However, there's a way to avoid these additional charges. If you opt to receive an e-gift card instead of physical currency or make a charitable donation, such as to Feeding America, the additional fees for using the Coinstar kiosk are waived. This flexibility allows users to choose a more cost-effective option or support charitable causes while still benefiting from the convenience of Coinstar's services.

8. Target

Target stores provide another option for coin exchange through Coinstar machines. These machines allow customers to convert their coins into cash, offering convenience due to their widespread availability in numerous Target locations. However, using Coinstar at Target comes with a service fee, typically around 11.9% of the total coin value exchanged. Despite this fee, many customers still find the service beneficial for cashing in their change, appreciating the convenience and ease of use provided by Coinstar machines at Target stores.

What's Coinstar and How Do I Find One?

Coinstar is a convenient service offering coin-counting kiosks in various retail locations like supermarkets and drug stores. These machines enable users to deposit loose change and receive cash, an e-gift card, or make a charitable donation. While Coinstar typically charges a service fee (approximately 11.9% of the total coin value) for cash transactions, this fee is waived if users opt for an e-gift card or donate to charity.
To find a Coinstar machine nearby, visit the Coinstar website and utilize their kiosk locator feature. Simply enter your zip code or city and state, and you'll receive a list of nearby locations offering Coinstar services.

Coin Counting Alternatives: Other Ways to Cash in Your Coins

If traditional methods of counting coins aren't meeting your needs, there are alternative options worth exploring. One option is to invest in a personal coin sorter, which can streamline the process of counting and sorting coins at home. Another alternative is to use online platforms that automatically allocate your spare change towards savings or debt repayment. These platforms round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference into a savings account or towards paying down debts, providing a convenient and hands-off way to manage your spare change effectively.

Buying a Coin Sorting Machine

If you prefer to count your coins at home, investing in a coin sorting machine could be a practical choice. These machines come in various sizes and offer different features, allowing for automated feeding, sorting, and batching of coins. This streamlines the coin counting process and saves you time and effort. Additionally, you might be able to find a used coin sorting machine for free on a free stuff app, making it a cost-effective option for managing your spare change efficiently.

Online Services

Online services like Chime Bank offer a convenient solution for saving money or paying off debts. These services work by automatically rounding up small amounts from each transaction you make and transferring the difference into a savings account or towards debt repayment. This automated process makes it easy to set aside spare change without any additional effort on your part, providing a hassle-free way to build savings or reduce debt over time.
Conclusively, there are various options available for exchanging coins for cash without fees. Whether you prefer traditional banking methods or modern alternatives, managing your spare change has never been easier.


1. Do all banks offer free coin exchange services?

Not all banks provide coin exchange services at no cost. It's advisable to check with your financial institution for specific rules regarding coin exchanges.

2. Are there retail outlets that offer free coin exchange services?

Yes, establishments like QuikTrip gas stations provide coin exchange services at no additional cost, allowing you to swap your coins for paper currency free of charge.

3. What are some effective ways to manage loose change?

Effective management of loose change involves strategies such as rolling coins, using them for transactions, and allocating spare change as an investment.

4. What are some alternatives to traditional coin counting methods?

Alternatives include utilizing coin sorting machines or employing online services that redirect spare change into savings or debt repayment.

5. Are there any online services that help manage spare change?

Indeed, platforms like Chime Bank, automatically redirect leftover coins from transactions into savings or debt repayment.
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