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Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples
You may have noticed the lack of posting last week. That’s because we were on a family vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!
Of course, I brought my computer so I could reply to emails and do SOME sort of work, but it sure wasn’t my main focus. With that being said, I kept a day-to-day entry of what we did and saved it until we got home for publishing – which you are now seeing.
We left on December 13th to make our drive from Louisiana to Tennessee. So, I will mark each place by date for anyone who happens to be planning a visit to the same area. There is also a video clip roundup that I published on YouTube that I have embedded at the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy our adventures!
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Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples 2

Tuesday, December 13th


Jace_and_Bucees.jpg  Jace and Bucee 2 closetsamples 


Buc-ee's – Baldwin County, AL

Along our route, we stopped a couple of times for gas. Of course, one place we had to stop was Buc-ee’s. Now you have to understand, we do not have one of these in Louisiana – at least nowhere near us. We’ve only heard about this. Apparently, this isn’t your typical gas station or truck stop. It’s super nice! Think affordable mini-store mixed with an affordable grocery store. To top it off, every staff member we encountered was smiling and friendly. Oh, and the bathrooms – CLEAN! I did not use them myself, but my husband did and he raved about the nice stalls. LOL!
So why did Buc-ee’s make my list? Yes, it’s an awesome pit stop, but my 8-year-old son who has never been in one became obsessed with the Buc-ee Beaver mascot! Literally, he wanted EVERYTHING that had Buc-ee on it! We limited him to a pair of onesie pajamas and a plush doll. However, he wanted everything he saw! He has now decided he wants a Buc-ee’s birthday party! He’s a trip and I think his experience made it even better.
Even better, after getting to our cabin for the evening and bathing, he put on his new pj’s and began dancing around singing a chant ‘Buc-ee’ in a super excited tone. Thus far, even after our two stops along the way (mentioned below), Buc-ee’s is his favorite because he loves the mascot!
Hey Buc-ee’s, if you need a spokesperson, I know a little man who would love the job!
@closetsamples @bucees_offcial @buceesbiggestfans #2023 #newyear #viral #fyp #bucees #buceesbiggestfans #buceeseverything ♬ Anti Hero as a Pop Punk Anthem by Minority 905 - Minority 905
BONUS: Did you know you can buy Buc-ee's merchandise on Amazon?! So if you have a little fan like I do but no Buc-ee's close by, check it out!

Ruby Falls - Chattanooga, TN

Our first actual stop was Ruby Falls. Now, I came here a long time ago with my mom and grandparents. I hardly remember that experience except that it was beautiful. It certainly did not disappoint! I was thrilled to have my family come to experience this with me as an adult.
From start to finish, every staff member we encountered was smiling and friendly.  We grabbed our tickets and took the tour. Shelby was our tour guide, and she was awesome! She was a sweet lady that was very knowledgeable about the location and history. It is a bit of walking, but it wasn’t a bad walk in my opinion. There are frequent stops along the route where you can see some awesome formations and learn about the history and discovery of Ruby Falls. Once you get to the actual falls, the waterfall is absolutely stunning and breathtaking!
Apparently, there is also this thing that if you get a mountain kiss, water drips on you in the cavern, it is said to bring you good luck. We each had a drop fall on us so we shall see!
Before leaving, we of course had to hit the gift shop – which was actually very well-priced for the gemstones compared to other places I have been! In fact, they were the best-priced out of all the locations. Had I known that ahead of time I would have purchased more items from them. However, the clothing I have found to be a bit more pricey, but I at least got to get a couple of new necklaces, a turquoise ring, and some magnetic rocks for my son. My daughter got a couple of geodes.
I definitely recommend this stop. Oh, and don’t forget your photo! Ours came out so awesome. Usually, I hate how those come out, but we got a great family shot for once and actually bought our photo at the end! So do it!
@closetsamples #rubyfalls #tennessee #waterfall ♬ original sound - midnightsprince
If you like gemstones and can't make it to Ruby Falls, check out SilverRushStyle and atPerrys
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The Lost Sea Adventure - Sweetwater, TN

This looked so neat when looking for things to do on our trip and we were not disappointed with this! We caught the very last tour for the day and with it being a weekday we were the only people with our guide. So, it was like a VIP tour. On the outside, it doesn’t look impressive, and you could easily miss this if you weren’t looking for it.
When we entered the building, we were greeted with a friendly smile and a welcoming attitude from the gentleman working the counter. I did not catch his name, but he started off with a great impression. While we waited for our tour to start, we browsed the small gift shop which had some cute goodies in it. My son finally found something that had his name on it – a wooden street sign that is unique to others we have seen.
Once the tour was ready, we began our journey. Jess was our awesome tour guide. She was so friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable about the history and facts of the cavern. I was surprised by how much of a walk there was, but there was so much more to this than I realized. Admittedly, I saw a few quick photos and decided we needed to go rather than really researching what they were all about. Basically - it looked cool so we added to our stops!
Going down the path towards the lost lake was so neat with so many details and quite a few ‘rooms’ to check out. At one point, she shut off the lights so we could feel the total darkness. And when I say total darkness… it was described as what a blind person sees because once the lights totally kick-off, you cannot see your own hand in front of your face! Spooky, but super cool experience.
Eventually, we made it down to the lost lake and it is a gorgeous site to see! The added lights to the water and it is just a breathtaking and amazing experience that cannot be described. We even got to feed the rainbow trout they have! Not to mention we got another mountain kiss while in the boat for good luck. Maybe double the luck since it came from two different caverns at this point?!
After the boat ride was the hike back up… which was challenging. There were frequent stops along the way back up, but going down, you just do not realize how steep and how far down you are until you are trying to make your way back up. Either way, we made it and had a great time doing it. And with Jess’s fun and bubbly attitude, it made it even more enjoyable!
P.S.- A day later and my ankles and calves are killing me but so worth it!
@closetsamples #lostseaadventure #tennessee #sweetwater #cavern ♬ Works that make the violin and harp feel spring - zurotan

Sunliner Diner – Pigeon Forge, TN

Finally, to top off a long day on the road we ate at the Sunliner Diner. Admittedly, my husband and I ate here previously when we came for our 2nd honeymoon back in August. This was our 2nd time eating here and once again, it did not disappoint. We love how the diner is fully themed in a classic 50’s style. I mean EVERYTHING. Even a lot of the staff seem to dress to the theme as well. The food is absolutely delicious and they are rather quick to take your order and get your food and drink out. Not to mention the staff has been friendly both times we came here!
TIP: Read about my husband and I’s 2nd honeymoon in Georgia while you are here!
Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples 3

Wednesday, December 14th

Today it felt amazing to wake up in the fresh mountain air. It just has a fresh and refreshing scent in the air that can’t be described and can’t be found in the city. With the day mostly raining, we kept our activities mainly indoors.

Titanic Museum – Pigeon Forge, TN

This was just as I remembered it from when my husband and I stopped here in August for our honeymoon! This time, though, the outside actually has some Christmas lights hanging, which you can see great at night. And on the inside, it is holiday themed as well.
Even though we went for noon during the week, it was still pretty busy and crowded. This is a popular attraction. The staff was all smiles, friendly and knowledgeable about the Titanic history. While photos are not allowed on the first floor out of respect for the many artifacts, they are allowed to be taken starting at the grand staircase and on the 2nd floor. What’s really neat is touching the Ice Cold 28-degree water in a room themed like the outside of the deck of the Titanic!
I loved viewing the World’s Largest Titanic Ship Built With Lego Bricks!  A 10-year-old boy from ICELAND had a dream to build the World’s Largest Titanic Model with LEGO BRICKS. It was a daunting, 11 month undertaking with his Autism. His inspiring story has generated wide media, where he shared his story in his own words. Now, following international acclaim, the Titanic Museum Attraction has this Titanic masterpiece built with LEGO® BRICKS on display for its USA debut, as an exclusive, featured attraction!
Additionally, for us Titanic movie fans, they are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary of the movie so they had some movie memorabilia on display that we didn’t see last time! They had a signed violin, a part of Rose's famous dress when she was thinking about jumping off the ship - yes, the beaded one! AND they even had the Heart of the Ocean prop on display!
@closetsamples #titanic #titanicmuseum #titanicmuseumattraction #pigeonforge #tennessee ♬ оригинальный звук - Алиана
Travel Tip: Score Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge Admission Tickets from just $39.11! Viator guarantees the lowest price! Relive the tragic sinking of the Titanic at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, a half-scale model of the original ship. Follow the fate of a real passenger as you explore the Titanic’s cabins, suites, and exhibits that include a real iceberg and artifacts from the ship. Multilingual audio tours are available in English, Spanish, German & Mandarin. 
BONUS: You can buy a Titanic LEGO build kit! Although, it's not for anyone on a budget! And don't forget about the Titanic pool float!

Wonderworks – Pigeon Forge, TN

Next up was Wonderworks! Basically, this is like a really fun children’s museum. My husband and I had stopped here on our last trip and knew we had to bring the kids!
It was really fun for the kids to walk through an ‘upside-down building’. When you first walk into the ticket counter and main lobby area and look up, the building is made to literally look like everything is upside down. Completed with what appears to be metal and material that would burst out of a broken building. I attempted to convince my 8-year-old that when we go in turn upside down. He believed it for about 2 seconds. I had to try though!
From there, you walk through a swirling tunnel and all the fun activities begin. They have a rock wall, obstacle course, bubble station, a bed of nails, and a ton more activities! This place kept our family busy and having fun for a couple of hours and is a must if you’re going as a family!
@closetsamples @wonderworksofficial #wonderworks #pigeonforge #tenneessee #family #fun ♬ I REMEMBER WHEN X UMBRELLA - ALTÉGO

Hollywood Museum of Wax – Pigeon Forge, TN

This was another re-visit for my husband and I and thought the kids would really enjoy it. It’s a large building with wax models of various celebrities and pop stars! When I say these figures look so real and life-like… it’s super cool. And it’s all set up so you can take photos with props if you want! Their only request is to not touch the wax – understandably. Everyone we came across there was super friendly as well.
My daughter enjoyed this the most. She got to take pictures with some of her favorite celebrities and do fun poses! 

Rockin' Raceway Arcade – Pigeon Forge, TN

This was just a fun stop since it was raining and we couldn’t do any outdoor activities. So rather than go sit around at the cabin we stopped here. There were a bunch of games and the kids had a blast! Basically, it reminded me of a Vegas casino, but for kids with arcade games! A lot going on, but that's what made it exciting! When we were done, we cashed out the tickets we won for a few small prizes. Both employees we encountered – the guy at the front desk and the guy working the ticket counter – were all smiles and super friendly and welcoming!
FUN FACT:  While we were here, we decided we fully believe in good luck from a ‘cavern kiss’. While we were off having a wonderful vacation, we knew bad weather was heading to our home. While up here, the weather quickly went from a ‘slight risk’ to being in the ‘orange’ – which ultimately put our area in a tornado warning – not a watch. We then began receiving notifications of tornadoes touching down. With the pets being home (watched by an amazing pet sitter of course), and us so far away, we were nervous and hoping for the best. When the warning cleared, and we saw our home was still safe we sighed in relief. However, when we found out there was a tornado touched down within 15 minutes of our home and looked at what was said to be its path… it barely missed our area. When I say the sigh of praise and thanks…  So whether you believe in luck or what, we’ll take it!
@closetsamples #rockinracewayarcade #arcade #pigeonforge #tennessee #familyfun #family ♬ original sound - heyy

The Island – Pigeon Forge, TN

Before heading back to the cabin, we decided to stop and walk around a bit to check out The Island. We didn’t do much other than walk around and check out a few shops. It’s absolutely beautiful with all of the holiday lights set up! We enjoyed the water display the lights up and ‘dances’ to the music. I mean the music stayed spot on in rhythm which I could have easily watched for hours.
The shops themselves are quite pricey. It’s a tourist area, so it’s to be expected, but they were fun to look in nonetheless. They have quite a few to walk through and the all around scenery of the area is amazing.
When we decided our legs couldn’t take it anymore and the rain started to pick up again, we enjoyed a trolly ride back to the car and made it back to the cabin. We enjoyed a nice evening in the hot tub with the cool weather and rain surrounding us. Such an amazing experience and so relaxing with our aching feet and leg muscles!
@closetsamples @pigeonislanofficial #theisland #pugeonforge #tennessee #watershow #imgoingouttonight ♬ bejeweled transition - theo (taylor’s version)
Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples 4

Thursday, December 15th

For today’s adventures, we were finally able to go out without the worry of rain. The first few days were rainy so we were restricted in what we could do and had to keep things indoors. Cold and rain are just not a good combination!

Alcatraz East Crime Museum – Pigeon Forge, TN

If you’re into true crime and ID Network-type stuff, you will enjoy this one. It is themed like a prison both inside and out and also has various themed rooms such as a forensics lab, 911 memorial, etc.
Inside you will learn about tools used on prisoners while in Alcatraz as well as how forensics work, and artifacts from famous criminals such as Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, OJ Simpson, etc. There are details about the criminal and their crime. It’s a self-guided tour, but you can take photos throughout. The staff was all friendly throughout our visit. While it doesn’t look big, we spent roughly 2 hours in there taking our time and walking around. 
Just a word of advice, reading some of the items can be triggering to some, such as the 9/11 memorial room and the Boston Marathon bombing display.

Beyond the Lens – Pigeon Forge, TN

Next up we decided to do Beyond the Lens. Basically, it’s heaven for someone who loves doing selfies and taking photos.
There are a ton of various backgrounds and setups for taking photos. They have an oversized Barbie display, aliens, a phone booth, giant aliens, and even oversized video games you can actually play! Let's not forget about the giant ball pit either! That is so much fun but such a workout to get out (at least for us adults)! It was definitely worth it!
As a bonus, they also have a virtual scavenger hunt. If you find them all, you win a prize! And we found them all! This was a blast, particularly for my teenage daughter! 
As a bonus, if you homeschool, bring your proof and they give you a discount for entry! 
Travel Tip: You can score Beyond The Lens Interactive Museum Admission Tickets for as low as $26.99! Viator guarantees the lowest price! Technology and entertainment collide at the interactive Beyond the Lens Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Visit over 150 exhibits that combine games and pop culture for a fun-filled day out. Walk the red carpet, get an inside look at the Royal Family, play augmented reality and VR games, hunt for Bigfoot, and much more at the huge complex.
@closetsamples @beyondthelens #beyondthelens #photography #familyfun #selfies #pugeonforge #tennessee #lightscameraaction ♬ original sound - talia

The Apple Barn – Sevierville, TN

This one was more of a shop than an attraction, but because it’s unique to anything we have back at home I figured they deserve a quick mention. Basically, if you like apples, you need to stop here. They have apples galore! Apples of all types, apple bread, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cider… you get the point. But they also have hard apple cider, apple wine, etc in other buildings related to The Apple Barn. I ended up buying some Apple BBQ Sauce and Apple Pie Pickles. They were so odd sounding I had to give them a try. The BBQ sauce is delicious! Sweet, but delicious. The pickles were totally unique. While I think they taste great, my husband and kids were not fans!
Before we left, we got some hot apple cider, apple donuts, and a slice of hot apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top from the café. Everything was fresh and it all was absolutely amazing!

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies - Gatlinburg, TN

I wasn’t too sure about the aquarium at first when were originally planning our trip, however, I am so glad we tossed this one in! Not only is the view amazing on the way to the aquarium and around the aquarium, but the property surrounding the aquarium has been decorated and themed for Christmas. We were all in awe and that was before we even got it!
Once we got in, we were amazed at the wonderful setup. This aquarium is huge with a lot of themed areas and a large variety of fish to check out. They even have penguins! And you can crawl through a tube to get a closer look at them too!
There were plenty of photo-taking opportunities available, too! We liked the opportunities that allowed you to crawl and get in the middle of the puffer fish and clown fish. This was great for both photos and close-up experiences with the fish.
As a bonus, if you homeschool, bring your proof and they give you a discount for entry!
@closetsamples @ripleysaquariums #aquarium #gatlinburg #tennesseee #fish #smokies #ripleys #ripleysaquarium #ripleysaquariumofthesmokeys ♬ In the Bosom - Sweet After Tears

SkyLift Park & SkyBridge - Gatlinburg, TN

We decided to give this a try in the evening and while it Is gorgeous and worth the view, it is not for those who have a fear of heights. While we were all a bit nervous about the skylift itself, after we got to the top we realized our son was not a fan of it. What made it worse for him was the SkyBridge – which is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. It stretches 680 feet across with a height of 140 feet at its midpoint. My son began having anxiety after crossing the bridge. For me, since it was night, I couldn't see down which helped me focus, however, the bridge does shake a bit and there is a glass portion you do walk over. So again, scary, but absolutely stunning views all around if you’re able to handle it! It’s currently themed for the holidays with lights so it is even more amazing! If you can face your fear of heights, the view is amazing!
My daughter and I even climbed up to the top of Tulip Tower and enjoyed the night view from the observation deck. You can feel this tower shake as you climb it so my son stayed down. He was just ready to get back to the ground. We finished our walk and the only way down was using the SkyLift. So again, another warning for those with a fear of heights. So after walking the gift shop and letting him pick a plush animal toy to help comfort him to get back down, he was ready to be brave as long as it was me who rode with him down (since it’s two people to a lift). He was brave and got down successfully and made sure to constantly remind us the rest of the night that was horrible for him. LOL! We felt so bad since we didn’t think he’d get that scared, but as I said, the views are awesome! They have plenty of holiday lights on display which makes for great photos!
@closetsamples #skybridge #skylift #skyliftpark #gatlinburg #tennessee #christmaslights #christmas #familyfun #adventures ♬ Enchanted Taylor Swift - Kaylen

Pigeon Forge Winterfest – Pigeon Forge, TN

Our final stop for the evening was walking the Pigeon Forge Winterfest lights. This was beautiful, but let me warn you… wear comfortable walking shoes! If you’re already tired with hurting feet, wait to do it! The lights are gorgeous, but it is a nice walk. I love that we walk along the water and see lights on both sides. It was always something different to look at.
To specify, since there are lights set up all over, we did the walk that starts at The Island. I am also happy to report that we did make it to the very end and even took photos! 
@closetsamples #WorldRemitNamamasko #winterfest #pigeonforge #tennessee #Christmas #christmaslights #familyfun #holidaylights ♬ Jingle Bell EDM Christmas Snow(910545) - The Structures
Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples 5

Friday, December 16th

Today we hit some mountains and did a little shopping. It was nice spending the day mainly in the outdoors with fresh mountain air!

Ober Mountain - Gatlinburg TN

Since we didn’t see any snow fall to the ground during our trip, we went and took the kids to Ober Mountain.
Here, we rode a tram car up the mountain. It was a unique experience but a little scary for us non-mountain folks. My husband and daughter had fun when the tram swung as we went over the towers. My son and I freaked out a bit and were happy it was crowded and we were in the middle! Don’t worry, the ride back was much smoother and we had an amazing view! I was even able to capture photos and videos on the way back.
Up on the mountain there are several options, but we did the spot where the kids could simply play in the snow. We joined in, but this was exclusively for them and they had such a blast! As a warning for folks on a budget, food and drinks are quite expensive at the top of the mountain. This is understandable, of course, because of the location. So if you’re on a budget, make sure you already ate or have a drink with you.
@closetsamples #obermountain #gatlinburg #tennessee #familyfun #adventures #winter #snow #mountain ♬ original sound - Henry Moodie

Doc’s Magic Shop – Gatlinburg, TN

Next up we walked the strip in Gatlinburg. One of the stops we made was at Doc’s Magic Shop!
My husband and I visited here previously on our 10-year anniversary since he does magic. My son was a bit bored and just not interested whatsoever. He was just in a mood for some reason as he usually likes magic tricks. We got him in the shop and Doc really caught his attention showing him some magic tricks. He then really sparked his interest when he had him use a magic wand to help with the trick. My son was amazed he was able to do magic! Doc really made it a magical experience for him just by giving him a few minutes of his time doing a bunch of tricks for him.
My son ended up picking out a wand and a magic trick, which he later performed for everyone back at the cabin. While picking his wand, Doc made sure to allow my son to test the wand to make sure he was worthy of it. This really boosted his self-esteem and made him feel so special. He got a wand license and left the shop so excited. The spark of joy on his face said it all. Thanks, Doc!

Pancake Pantry – Gatlinburg, TN

After walking around The Village, a bit, we decided to stop and eat. I haven’t really found the need to list every place we stopped and ate, but this one really stood out to us.
We were starving, prices looked ok, so we went in. However, we quickly became impressed. It seemed busy, but we were seated quickly. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive throughout our whole lunch. Even though it was busy, we felt well taken care of - not brushed aside by the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant. But best of all, the food was AMAZING!! Everything was made with fresh ingredients, and you could certainly taste the difference between this and other places. Not to mention the cappuccinos are DELICIOUS!
What made this even better was that for our family of 4 to eat, and not looking at pricing or trying to budget, was just under $60! That’s an amazing price! So fresh, amazing food that is affordable! If you’re in the area, they are a must-try!

Anakeesta – Gatlinburg, TN

From there, we went to Anakeesta. I heard a lot of great things about this place. The view is amazing and breathtaking. The activities are fun for the family. However, I did find that their staff really isn’t friendly.
One staff member, in particular, stands out.. after purchasing our tickets, a blonde lady in a snowsuit, had a pretty nasty attitude with people with where to stand to get their tickets scanned. It was our family and another family standing in the wrong rope line. Nothing was marked as to what was what at that particular time so no one knew the exact spot to stand – but they were literally a couple of feet apart and all lead to the next part where you wait for the lift to the top of the mountain. No location really made a difference based on that layout. There was no need to be nasty and nearly yell at everyone. It just sort of set a bad tone.
Once at the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking. They have beautiful lights everywhere. They also have some shops, which we stopped and got some hats and gloves because of how cold the temperatures dropped at the time we got there. I love the lit fireplace as well so you can stop and warm up. The obstacle course is fun for both kids and adults. It truly is a blast at the top. Great photo-taking opportunities and fun activities for families.
Not long before we were about to head back down, there seemed to be a power glitch where all the power went out and it seemed like a generator kicked on. We wanted to take the bus down, but the line was extremely long, and the bus only comes every 30-45 minutes and only can seat so many people. Ultimately, we took the lift back down, which my son was petrified of, otherwise, we’d have been waiting literally 3 hours.
Overall, while beautiful at the top, to be honest, the price is certainly not worth it, especially when compared to other places, the staff just wasn’t friendly, and welcoming compared to every other place we have been to in the area, which I feel really impacts an experience.
@closetsamples @anakeesta #anakeesta #gatlinburg #Tennessee #christmas #christmaslights #familyfun #adventures #mountain #holidaylights ♬ UNDERWATER WONDERSCAPES (MASTER) - Frederic Bernard

Crave Mini Golf - Pigeon Forge, TN

We finished up our day with a game of Mini Golf at Crave. It’s a mini golf attraction themed like candy! They have both indoor and outdoor courses. With the temperature drop, we did the indoor course.
While everyone but my son was tired from our all-day adventures, my son had the most fun playing. He had been dying to play some mini golf and with so many neat-looking courses, it was hard to choose one, but this was a good choice!
The course was clean and fun. And it had a nice candy-scented fragrance throughout the building. At least, I’m guessing that’s what it was since it was a sweet smell! 
Travel Tip:  You can play a round of mini golf at Crave Mini Golf in Pigeon Forge, TN for just $13.71! Mini golf gets a sweet twist on this Candyland-themed course in Pigeon Forge. Put your way through locations like Bubblegum Garden and Ice Cream Canyon, each decorated with details like giant gummy bears and cupcake pillars that bring the course to life. When you need a break, swing by the milkshake bar or candy store for a sweet snack.
Our 2022 Family Vacation to Pigeon Forge Tennessee closetsamples 6

Saturday, December 17th

On our final day in Tennessee, we woke up just before sunrise to take a drive through the Smoky Mountains. They were absolutely beautiful, and we were pleasantly surprised to find some icicles as we got higher up in the mountain! There are so many great locations to take photos and it's so easy to miss something as there is so much to see. 
Remember, we’re from the south. We might get a light freeze, but we do not get true icicles where I am from. I mean, these things in the mountains could be used as weapons! We even spotted some ice on the ground in certain places. This was beyond exciting for us!

Oconaluftee Visitor Center - Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

We wrapped up our drive by visiting the Oconaluftee Visitor Center. The Oconaluftee Visitor Center in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina was formerly a historic Cherokee village, followed by an Appalachian community, located at this site along the Oconaluftee River.
This was truly a unique experience that was just peaceful to walk through. We especially loved seeing the live chickens and pigs! They were so adorable. 
Travel Tip: Enjoy a Great Smoky Mountains National Park Self Driving Tour for just $14.99! Combine the convenience of a guided tour with the freedom of independent travel with this self-guided driving tour of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Download the tour onto your phone and learn about Cherokee history and legends, Appalachian life, and more. See several of the park's best spots such as Clingman's Dome, and Rainbow Falls.


To wrap things up, we had an absolute blast on our trip! Getting back to reality and getting things back in order is a bit of a task. I had over 2,000 photos and videos to go through to share with my personal friends and family. I began posting once I got home. Woke up and continued posting until I got ‘limited’ by Facebook for posting too much too quickly. So once that was lifted I was able to finish the remaining 200-something photos and am now back to sharing the deals on Facebook. Of course, in the event that were to happen again, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Telegram.

Check out my video clip compilation from our trip below. Enjoy!

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