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As a busy mom, I know the importance of me time, and so does Softsoap. We like to think about showering as a moment of renewal and a time to hit refresh during our day. This year, Softsoap Body Wash would like to challenge you to document your moments of “me-time” over the course of a week, ultimately leaving you with a photo diary to share with your readers. Whether it’s baking your favorite dish, spending an hour at the gym, reading a book, or indulging in a hot shower, every moment spent on yourself is a way to relax and recharge. To inspire you, check out my latest body wash collections from Softsoap, Hydra Bliss Hydrating Body Wash and Pure Zen Relaxing Body Wash, each crafted with me time in mind. 


About SoftSoap:

Softsoap is the trade name of Colgate-Palmolive`s liquid hand soap and body wash. William Sheppard of New York was granted patent number 49,561 for his “Improved Liquid Soap on August 22, 1865, for his discovery that a small amount of conventional soap could be mixed with large amounts of spirits of ammonia (or hartshorn, as it was known at the time) to create a soap with a consistency of molasses. His invention became common in public areas, but could generally not be found in homes. In 1980, entrepreneur Robert R. Taylor (died August 29, 2013) began selling his product as Softsoap through his company, Minnetonka Corp. in Chaska, Minnesota. Taylor knew others would copy the soap-in-a-pump-bottle idea, so he shrewdly purchased 100 million small bottle hand-pumps from the only two U.S. manufacturers that made them, so that any competitors wouldn`t be able to buy any for one year - enough time for him to establish the brand name. It worked; in six months, he sold $25 million worth of Softsoap. The package made it very easy to spot on store shelves when nearly all other soaps were in bar form. Taylor sold the Softsoap brand to Colgate-Palmolive in 1987.
product review
I know I always say this, but it`s true... I absolutely love using the Softsoap brand! I use their body wash all the time as well as their hand soaps. I remember using them growing up and continue to hold that in my household today as well. Well, guess what?! They have a new line of body wash soaps and I just tried the 4 new scents, and you guessed it, I love them all! Currently, the four available fragrances are:

Hydra Bliss Hydrating Body Wash

  • Cucumber Water & Mint
  • Coconut Water & Blueberry

Pure Zen Relaxing Body Wash

  • Jasmine & Watermint
  • Rosewater & Lotus Flower

*Suggested retail price is $2.97 for an 18 fl ounce bottle and is available at mass retail, drug, and grocery stores nationwide! 
I am amazed and impressed every time I get a new Softsoap fragrance. Seriously, the smell is the same quality, to me at least, as Bath & Body Works. Even the quality of the soap, if not better. I generally don`t like doing brand comparing when promoting brands - but since they`re so popular I figured I`d put it out there. Best of all, they`re a fraction of the cost! So great smell, more to a bottle, same if not better quality, all for a lower price. Yea, they have me hooked and have for a long time. I love how I feel clean after every wash. My skin feels soft and hydrated. I`ve never had any sticky or greasy residue or dried out skin from using the Softsoap brand. Something else I have discovered is that Softsoap body washes make for great bubble bath soaps as well! I pour in some at the beginning of filling my bathtub and by the time it`s time to turn off the water, I have a mountain of bubbles! Plus they last my whole bath, unlike actual bubble bath products! So you can get clean and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.
As I said, Softsoap is a favorite brand of mine and has been before I started ever reviewing their products. I intend to keep using their products for sure because not only are they a nice quality, but they`re affordable as well. If you haven`t already check your local retail stores to find the new scents and give them a try!
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