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Resolve to Clean up Your Cleaning Routine; the Dirty on Clean House Smell - eCloth #Review Take a walk down the cleaning aisle and there’s no doubt that fragrance is a major player in the cleaning product industry. These added aromas may encourage us to get our house smelling clean, but could actually be harming our health! Fragrances added to many cleaners can cause acute effects such as respiratory irritation, headache, sneezing, watery eyes, allergies and asthma. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one-third of the substances used in fragrances are toxic and can even cause Cancer! Good news! Now there is a better, safer way to clean your home and protect your family from harmful fumes. Take a look at some items that I received that can help out: The Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Kit is the trifecta of cleaning cloths!  This must-have set includes the three core cloths to clean all major hard surfaces in the home without chemicals and remove 99% of bacteria by using just water. Set comes with Bathroom Cloth, General Purpose Cloth, and Glass & Polishing Cloth.  All cloths in the set are reusable and machine washable for up to 300 washes. MSRP: $19.99. Gone are the days of using “mystery” chemicals to push around dirt on your floors. The Chemical-free Cleaning Deep Clean Mop cleans all hard floor surfaces, penetrating and removing dirt, grease, oil, grime and over 99% of bacteria using just water! It features modern fiber technology, an adjustable sturdy aluminum handle and a 360 degree swivel base to clean hard to reach places other mops on the market. MSRP: $39.99 The Lightweight Flexi-Edge Floor Duster removes dust, dirt, pet hair, cobwebs, and allergens from floors, walls, and ceilings. Flexi-edges clean into corners, baseboards, and easily around legs to chairs, tables, and other furniture Lightweight and highly maneuverable, it cleans better than the leading national brand because of the amazing fibers and the stronger handle. Reusable duster is machine washable and guaranteed for 100 machine washes. MSRP: $24.99 All of the Baby Care by ecloth® products are available online www.ecloth.com/Baby-Care-by-ecloth   What I think This is a great starter set! I started off using the cloths to clean my kitchen This set is great. You get 3 towels in the set: (1) Bathroom Cloth (blue), one (1) General Purpose Cloth (lilac), and one Glass & Polishing Cloth (tan). So I used the general purpose cloth for my counters and the glass/polishing clothing to clean the windows and appliances. Once I was done in the kitchen I moved to my bathroom and wiped down the tub and toilet using the bathroom cloth. The glass and polishing cloth has to be my favorite cloth, though. I some how always get streaks on windows and mirrors when I clean them. These cleaning cloths made me look like a cleaning pro and with just water! My windows, mirrors and even stainless steal appliances came out looking incredible. These are well made, well sewn, and well constructed. Each cloth has a different texture to it - so they`re not all the same. I love how it`s color coordinated as well so there`s no guessing as to which is for what. For my memory, I leave the blue one with the bathroom cleaning products and the others with my other cleaning products. Next up was the deep mop. We have tile floors, kids and pets. So of course, our floors are always horrible. Seriously, we spend all day cleaning just for them to be destroyed the next. Oh the joys of parenthood! Now, for a serious cleaning, these aren`t strong enough, at least, not for us. However, for a basic cleaning, such as a daily wipe down for every day uses, this is an amazing cleaner. Since we have pets and kids that play on the floor, rather than using just water, we use our homemade all natural cleaner that uses natural items and vinegar. So we still do not use strong chemicals but gets the floor cleaned for our needs. Now someone who doesn`t have pets and kids that make a terrible mess every day, just adding water works great. We testing that theory at my mother in laws house. While she does have two indoor dogs, she doesn`t have children there 24/7 as we do (we homeschool so they`re always home). It worked great on her wood floors as well as laminate kitchen floors. This was light weight, well constructed, and easy to use. The same thing goes for the floor duster. It too, was light weight, well constructed and easy to use. Basically, it`s like the deep mop, but it is meant for the purpose of dusting. This isn`t something our floors benefit from. Tile is a horrible type of flooring to keep clean. Basically, we`re limited to sweeping, mopping and scrubbing. The duster moves across it, but we don`t get issues with floor dust, it`s more like sticky foods and such as a result of the kids. So this we sent to my inlaws. As stated above, they have wood floors and two indoor dogs. This works amazingly well for them! It glided across the floor with ease and picked up the dust and hair. Of course, what`s unique about all of these products is that no cleaning chemicals are needed. Just add water. I prefer using warm to hot temperature water, though. If you do have some tough areas that the water cannot handle, I would recommend using vinegar or apple cider vinegar. In fact, I shared a quick an easy homemade cleaner in the event you want a cleaner without all the chemicals. Between uses, all items are simply tossed into the washing machine and they`re ready to go for the next. One thing that I feel would improve the deep mop and floor duster is if the mop heads could be interchangeable. As someone with limited space, this is something I consider. While I gave my floor duster to my inlaws, since they benefit from it more than I would, if it were an item that would have worked well in our house, it would have taken up more of my limited space. Of course, these are thin and easy to store and honestly, it`s not a big deal, but just an option for the company to think about for future product lines: one pole, multiple interchangeable head options. Overall, this was a great experience and I discovered some amazing quality products that certainly improve the cleaning process in our house.
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