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My husband and I have been working on updating our house here and there when we can. One of our on-going projects has been our master bathroom. The bathroom is small so space is limited and we have to get creative with finding space for everything while trying to make it look nice. It's always a work in progress, but thanks to eFaucets, we're another step closer to an amazing bathroom!
About eFaucets

eFaucets is a full-service, online retailer located in Pleasant Prairie, WI, just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Founded in 2003 in Racine, WI, after one too many disappointing trips to the local big box home improvement store, we developed eFaucets to give shoppers a showroom experience at an affordable price featuring high-quality, high-end kitchen and bath fixtures from the industry's top manufacturers. We also provide top-notch customer service with real people. eFaucets customer service representatives go through weeks of extensive training so they can answer almost any question that comes their way about the fixtures you need for your bathroom remodel or to refresh your kitchen. Even better? You can trust that your packages will arrive at your home quickly because we utilize multiple distribution points across the country. Shopping eFaucets has never been easier because only eFaucets is passionate about exceptional customer experiences.

We were fortunate enough to receive both the Azhara AZPO251DME-ORB Kalene Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet 1.2 GPM and the Dreamline SHDR-6360600-04 Essence 56 to 60" Bypass Tub Door to check out for our home and let me tell you, we were not disappointed!
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Azhara AZPO251DME-ORB Kalene Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet 1.2 GPM

So I'm going to start off with our easiest install/upgrade that we had out of the two products - the Azhara Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet. The faucet arrives with all the pieces needed to install it in the box. As soon as it came in my husband got to work. Within just a few minutes he swapped out our old faucet for our new one. 
The old faucet I had, I did like, but over time it just started getting funky, turning green, and the biggest downfall of it was how low it reached in our bowl sink. So when washing your hands the would mostly touch the bottom of the sink. Of course, this was when we first had updated from the standard sink to a bowl sink. It looked great originally sure, but function wise it was just a pain and wasn't working well. If we needed to fill anything with water we needed to use the bathtub; and having pets, this was a pretty big inconvenience to be hunched over to fill a pet water bowl or wash something off.
Azhara AZPO251DME-ORB Kalene Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet 1.2 GPM.jpg
With our new faucet, not only does it look amazing, but it's a lot more functional. Sure, it does the same thing as the other one - turns on and off and provides hot and cold water - but I can now wash my hands comfortably without them having to basically rest at the bottom of the sink. Another fun fact, I can also fill the pet's bathroom water bowl from the sink - not needing to use the bathtub!
The faucet itself is of very nice quality. I love the color, too! I got mine in the oil-rubbed bronze color which matches my current bathroom theme and style. It easily turns on and off and hasn't shown any signs of breaking or leaking. Honestly, it's a beautiful and impressive faucet!

eFaucets Faucet & Shower Door Review (1).png


Dreamline SHDR-6360600-04 Essence 56 to 60" Bypass Tub Door

Next up was the big install of our new Dreamline Bypass Tub Door - which my husband did on his own. I couldn't even lift the glass because it would just slide through my hands! So how he did it on his own, I'm not sure, but he got it done. With that being said, the box is super heavy so if you can have two people help carry it to wherever it needs to go, I highly recommend it!
Now we have been recently discussing getting a shower door to replace our shower curtain for a while. While shower curtains are nice in the sense you can choose any design and change them out as you please, there are a lot of downfalls to them. First off, I find they bulge out a lot. In a small bathroom like ours, that's something that is just terrible appearance wise and clutter-wise. Having a young child that shares our bathtub, his bath toy collection is often hidden within the curtain. Plus, stuff falls and bigger messes are made. Another thing is, we have pets in our house (11 cats and 1 dog to be exact). Our cats never shredded the shower curtain, however, they did like to claw at it in a playful manner so you could see claw marks in it.  Another downfall of a shower curtain is the maintenance. Yes, that's right, maintenance - as in tossing it in the washing machine every once in a while (if it's a material kind) to keep it fresh and wash off any excess dirt, grime, and/or dust. This task is annoying to be quite honest, but necessary because you need to take the hooks holding it up off then add them back on. Nothing difficult, it's just a process that I would rather avoid if possible.
Dreamline SHDR-6360600-04 Essence 56 to 60 Bypass Tub Door.jpg
While the cats miss the shower curtain, since taking it down, because they liked to hide behind them and having full access to the tub, I have to say, I am much happier with them gone and the new tub doors! The thing is, I can now use cleaning chemicals without worries of the cats grooming themselves and ingesting it because the tub is now closed off. Also, no more dirty paws dirtying the tub which means it is nice and clean when I want to bathe. By removing the shower curtain, our small master bath now gives a slightly larger-spaced appearance. Plus, no more dark showers. Having the clear doors lets all areas of the bathroom fill with light so it's brighter. However, installing the new tub doors was a process.
The box arrived and it was pretty beat up so I was nervous. It probably didn't help when I saw the FedEx delivery man not bother using a dolly and just dragging it on the ground (all captured in my security footage) then drop it on the doorstep and rush off. So seeing how that guy delivered it I can only assume how it was handled throughout the whole delivery process. That is no fault of the company, eFaucet. What eFaucet did, was show exactly how well they packaged their product and how durable it was because nothing was broken at all. Seriously, I expected it to be chipped, cracked, completely broken, but it wasn't! The glass and everything was very well packaged by eFaucets so even though the box took a beating, the product itself arrived in 100% perfect condition. It's just SUPER heavy!
Almost everything you need is in the box for install. For us, we needed to get some silicone to attach the track to our tub because of how our tub was. While it doesn't look off,  when measuring and such we could our tub was slightly uneven and crooked which made applying the track for the doors a bit tricky and proved to be the most difficult part of the install (minus having to carry in the big heavy box). So my husband set it all and we let that dry for a few hours. Once it was dry he was able to get our doors on the track which took only a few minutes to do. I tried to help, but my hands are so smooth and the glass had so much weight that it would just slide through my hands making me a pretty useless assistant. 
Based on the provided instructions, it recommended waiting to bathe or shower for 24 hours after the install to allow it to all basically settle in place. So the next day, after the 24 hours had passed, we tested it out. I must say, that was an amazing shower! No curtain in the way. The steam from my shower stayed in like I like without any random air leaks (as the old shower curtain would do). No funky shower curtain smell either! The door easily slides open and closed. Because there are two doors, you can open it from either way and it stays completely sealed. While there are many warnings to warn to be careful with your glass shower doors, you should know they are not super fragile. The glass is thick. The warnings are just in place more of a reminder as you should know how to handle glass doors anyway. I do, however, feel bad for a couple of the cats who jumped trying to go in the tub and hit the glass instead! One of them was even glaring at me with evil eyes for quite some time last night from on top the toilet (which is right next to the tub - what used to be her favorite place to nap).
While the install did take a while for this one, it was ultimately worth it. My bathroom feels roomier, looks better, and my showers are much more enjoyable now. If you haven't changed from shower curtains to tub doors yet, you definitely need to look into it and eFaucets is a great place to consider!
Overall, my experience with eFaucets was amazing. I truly recommend the company and their products! From amazing quality, to fast shipping, and super friendly customer service, you won't be disappointed!
By the way, if you want to further check out the items I reviewed, I have to say, they are currently on sale! So now is the perfect time to look around and give eFaucets a try. 


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