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Parallelogram Worksheet
Mathematics is one of the core subjects that every student has to study this subject. It is one of the foremost subjects and is required in several fields. Mathematics can help one in understanding various concepts easily. It is a very vast subject and can prove to be very beneficial during higher studies. This subject has several sub-sections and which include different types of studies. These are geometry, algebra, numerical, graphical representation, the study of shapes, and a lot more as well.
The study of shapes is a concept that includes all the shapes we see in our daily life. Here, we study these shapes and try to understand them better. Shapes are further divided into 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. The only difference between them is that 2d shapes do not have the dimension known as depth and 3d shapes have this dimension.
One of the 2-dimensional shapes is a parallelogram. A parallelogram is a basic quadrilateral with four sides. As the name suggests, Both pairs of opposite sides in a parallelogram are parallel to each other. These sides are also usually equal in length. Different formulas are used to calculate the area and perimeter of a parallelogram. Let us now discuss and learn more about this shape. 
  • FORMULA- The formulae used to calculate the perimeter of a parallelogram is 2(a+b). Here, A and B represent the length and breadth of the shape. The formulae multiply the length and breadth by two as there are two lengths and two breadths in one parallelogram. The formulae used to calculate the area of this shape is B*H. Here, b represents the breadth of the shape and h the length of this shape. Multiplying both of these values provides one with the area of parallelogram
  • BASIC FACTS- There are several facts and figures about one shape. A parallelogram also has various facts. One of the basic facts about this figure is that the opposite facing lines are parallel as well as equal to each other. Also, the consecutive angles of a shape are supplementary and have a total sum of 180 degrees. 
  • PROPERTIES- A basic parallelogram has four vertices and four edges. They have four sides. A rectangle is also a parallelogram that has four sides and two pairs of parallel and equal sides. Rhombus and squares are also considered to be parallelograms as they also have opposite sides which are parallel and equal to each other.
Now, it can be said that mathematics is a subject that is very significant to study for everyone. This subject is equally difficult to understand by many students. Everyone needs to have some interest in the subject to study it effectively and efficiently. Every student needs a teacher who can teach them logic and help them learn again if they are not able to understand. Tutors have become necessary to have personal attention to every child. Every parent wants their child to shine in their studies and compete with everyone. 
One of the best solutions to all of this is the Cuemath classes. These are online classes provided by highly educated and trained teachers who provide every student with personal attention and help them learn everything with logic. One of the best advantages of joining Cuemath classes is that they provide online sessions and one can learn from the comfort of their home and won't have to go anywhere. They also give one a trial class before one enrolls for the classes so that they can make their decision easily. Hence, joining Cuemath can bring a good change in one’s studies and help them learn and grow. 
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