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Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe Coffee System #ReviewWhere are all my coffee drinkers at? If you love your coffee as much as I love mine, then you absolutely need to check out the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe Coffee System! You can grab this particular one for roughly $169.99 from Amazon and get FREE shipping! That`s a 15% discount off the regularly listed price of $199.99! Prices vary depending on store location, but this is the best I`ve seen for this version thus far.
  • Pod free single serve and carafe coffee system
  • Custom Brews: Classic, Rich, or Over Ice; or Signature Brews: Specialty and Cafe Forte
  • Custom Brew Sizes: Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe
  • Built-In frother to brew, froth and drink-all in your favorite mug
  • Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology and Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence
Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe Coffee System #Review About the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe Coffee System Better than a coffeehouse experience, at home. Go fully pod-free with 5 brew types, including Cafe Forte, a built-in frother, and 6 different brew sizes.

Cafe Forte

Cafe Forte amplifies every nuance of your coffee for a more full-bodied, complex flavor from brew.

Built-In Frother

Transform your milk to a silky microfoam, perfect for specialty brews like lattes, and great for adding a tasty touch to your morning coffee, hot or cold.

6 Brew Sizes

Whether it’s a morning coffee or enough for friends and family, there’s a way to brew it. From single serve to a carafe setting, there are 6 different brew sizes—so take your pick.

Classic and Rich Brew

Classic is all about balanced flavor, while Rich provides a more intense taste. Either style makes a perfect start to your morning.

Over Ice

Designed to brew fresh and hot over ice, leaving you with a refreshingly cold coffee that’s never watered down.

Cafe Forte

Lively, complex flavors that allow your coffee to be the best version of itself. Serve black or Au Lait (with 1–3 ounces of frothed milk).


Super-rich coffee concentrate you can use to create a variety of indulgent hot and cold, layered or frozen-blended coffeehouse-style drinks.

Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE fan of the Ninja brand. I use their Shark Rocket vacuum just about daily to clean my carpet and the Ninja steam mop to keep my tile floors clean from daily use. Now, I have the Ninja Coffee Bar to add in to my collection of Ninja brand must have items! I drink coffee daily. I`ve been drinking roughly 2-3 cups per day since getting this in and am actually taking a break from coffee. Not because I don`t like it, but because I`ve been over doing it and have been getting breakouts on my face and starting to not feel so hot. Oops! I guess there is such thing as "Too much of a good thing." So I`m having to basically give myself a small break until I get back to normal then I can go back to my daily coffee - 1 cup per day. Maybe 2 cups. Just not regularly all day as I had been over the holidays. Well the coffee bar is awesome! I usually use a Keurig, but my Keurig does not allow me to brew fresh coffee into a travel mug like this coffee bar does. This  machine has what Ninja calls "smart technology" built into it, so there is no guessing on your part, on how to get the best cup or carafe of perfect coffee, whether your tastes run from a basic (classic cup or carafe) to a more stout and robust brew which can stand up to added ingredients such as cream, milk, sugar and liquid flavorings, without tasting diluted with those additions. The forethought that went into this machine, matches the perfect balance of quantity of coffee grounds, to the amount of hot water which will be delivered, for the type of specialty drink you wish to brew. You have several size options to choose from when it comes to making your brew: (regular) Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe. You can also select the brew types: Custom Brews: Classic, Rich, or Over Ice; or Signature Brews: Specialty and Cafe Forte. Also, unlike other coffee makers, this one has a built-In frother! No more having to dig around for one of those hand held ones, this is already attached to the machine and ready for use. This machine improves on "frothing" by integrating a powered mixer arm and whisk (like a milk shake mixer), which swings out from the body of the new Ninja. Plus it easily comes off for an easy cleaning between uses. Although all exterior parts are plastic, the unit appears to be well built. Not to mention it has an overall attractive appearance to it. Of course, if you`re limited to counter space, you should note, this is a bit large in size compared just a standard coffee maker. It`s not as large as an industrial machine, though, so just be sure to take measurements if size is an issue is all I am getting at. With most coffee makers, the water heats up to brewing temperature and then immediately flows, in a single stream, into your coffee grounds. However, that leaves quite a bit of flavor behind, since the grounds are hurried in their effusion process. With the Ninja, the machine first drips just enough hot water evenly, over the grounds, to saturate them really well before starting the brewing cycle (this dripping starts fairly quickly and continues for about 15 seconds to fully saturate the grounds). This delivery of hot water to the grounds is evenly spread out above the filter and the grounds, through 12 evenly spaced holes in a circular pattern, above the filter basket and grounds, in both the saturation phase and the subsequent brewing cycle. After saturating the grounds, the machine pauses momentarily before entering the full brew cycle. This helps to insure that all of the grounds are thoroughly saturated, to coax the maximum flavor and richness out of them. The entire brewing cycle lasts about 6.5 minutes. Thus, I believe that the real magic in this machine is this very smart pre-infusion design feature. Also, when first turned on, there is a 3 minute pre-heat cycle, with a pre-heat light indicator, which goes out when Ninja is ready to brew. I love that fact that you can simply fill the water reservoir to its maximum fill level and then forget about measuring water for subsequent brewing cycles, until it exhausts its supply. But do keep an eye on the water level, in relation to the sizes of vessels to be brewed, because you can`t let the Ninja run out of water, during any brewing cycle. The machine calculates and delivers precisely the right amount of water for whichever brewing option you choose, with dials on the front which you turn to select the desired size of vessel. Using the Ninja Coffee bar is simple. Don`t let all the buttons, knobs and gadgets confuse you. First, you can pick the size of the container, by rotating the top dial which illuminates each choice, as it is selected. After selecting the size that you want to brew, you then pick from 5 options below, for different kinds of drinks and different intensities of flavor. Note: You must always use a container which is several ounces larger than the selection, to avoid overflow.
  • "Classic Brew", which equates to a traditional cup of coffee, flavor-wise.
  • "Rich Brew", which delivers slightly less water to the grounds, to create a bit more robust and flavorful blend. The main use for this, is when you want to add milk, cream, or liquid flavorings, without diluting the coffee flavor with the additions. Or if you simply like your coffee stronger. I found the Rich Brew to be extremely good, especially when using very high quality beans or grounds (which are recommended to be "medium grind"). It is surprising how much better your favorite coffee tastes, when brewed in this machine, versus traditional drip coffee makers, such as my Black and Decker. I think it is due to the pre-soak of the grounds, along with the way the machine`s brewing cycle and temperatures work.
  • "Over Ice Brew", in which you use the 6 cup clear carafe, filled to two different "marked" option levels with ice. The Ninja then delivers a much more concentrated brew which is designed to be the perfect level of undiluted flavor, in combination with the melted ice. Very clever and functional indeed. You also have the option to do the "Over Ice Brew", with the other sizes of containers, and not just the full carafe. It is critical in all of these options, to fill your appropriate sized cup or mug with ice, close to the top, before placing it under the brewing basket.
  • "Specialty Concentrated Brew", which is the one which you will use when making iced blended coffee drinks or milk blended (frothed) coffee drinks. And no matter what size of vessel you select, this setting only delivers 4 oz of concentrated brew, to be blended into mochas, lattes, flat whites, or cappuccinos.
  • "Cafe Forte", which is basically the same as the above with the exception that it will deliver 8 oz of concentrated brew.
To use the frothing feature and attachment, you swing the frothing arm out from the body of the Ninja and attach the frothing whisk. You will pour cold milk, or hot milk (microwaved for 45-60 seconds), about 1/3 full (more or less, according to taste preference) and then submerge the whisk to just below the surface of the milk and hold down the "start" button on top of the frothing arm, to whip the milk into a "froth" by introducing air into it. After which you will add your brewed coffee, in a mix ratio that you prefer, being sure that your "combining" vessel is large enough to accommodate both the frothed milk and the brewed coffee. You will then see 3 layers, with the bottom being un-whipped milk, followed by the middle layer of coffee, and the top layer of frothed milk. Next, insert a spoon and stir lightly for a perfect "flat white" blend. Other notable features:
  • Removable water reservoir and lid, which are dishwasher safe.
  • Permanent micro-filter basket which does not require a paper filter, which is removable for cleaning. If you do use a paper filter, you first remove the permanent micro-filter basket.
  • A swing down platform for cups/mugs (larger vessels and carafes simply rest on the floor of the Ninja).
  • Programmable brewing cycles for delayed start
  • A cleaning cycle
  • A "two sizes" scoop which stores handily in a recess on the side of the Ninja.
  • Drip stop lever, which you slide, to shut off the flow, in order to interrupt a brewing cycle to extract a cup of coffee before the larger vessel cycle is finished. Doing this, you have to momentarily remove the vessel that is being used. And after you get your quick cup of coffee, you re-insert whichever sized vessel you were filling and then slide the lever back to the open position.
  • Menu/Recipe book which features 20 different recipes, allowing you to be your own Barista, creating your own Starbucks coffee at home. There are 11 hot coffee recipes and 9 cold. The book tells you exactly what to add to the mix for wonderful specialty drinks to shatter the boredom of the "same old, same old". And after viewing these recipes, you can quickly imagine all sorts of variations and flavors which you can concoct by letting your imagination run wild, along with a trip to the flavorings aisle in the grocery store.
Needless to say there is a lot to this amazing coffee maker than meets the eye. While it`s more expensive than a basic coffee maker, it offers a lot more features. While using this over the past couple weeks I have ran into no issues. My coffee tastes AMAZING and all aspects of the coffee bar work as indicated. I am very pleased and impressed with it and can honestly say it is recommended. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed in this purchase! buy now

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