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Squidix and 911 Website Repair 2021 Review Update closetsamples pinterest 1
I had been with Squidix for a few years. I LOVED them at first. Ever since their last server update or whatever they did, my website never worked right and it turns out to be THEIR server. Ever since moving to a new server with a new company it works right again. Their server kept giving me a 'resource limit' and then Google ads would never show. I always assumed it was my site because it is a larger site. Turns out that was not the case.
However, even that isn't what prompted me to come write a review. Afterall, for years, up until recently, I actually praised this web host. What was the 'icing on the cake' for me is waking up this morning to a notice that my credit card was used for my invoice for their services. How is this a problem? 1) My invoice is not due until May 1st. It is April 26th. 2) I always have to go in to select the card and make payment. It is not automatically done. I never authorized automatic payments. And I've paid up until the day before - never had my card charged without authorization. Until today - conveniently after my site was moved to another hosting company. So after years of praise, after this morning and dealing with about a year of horrible hosting issues, I regretfully am updating my review of Squidix to a 1 star. They are now no better than other 'junk' hosting companies 1) Because of their server issues which they constantly denied and would fight with the programmers about who issues it was and now 2) charging my credit card without my consent. I can no longer honestly recommend them.
Original review:
Although this is under the sponsored review category, I want to start off by stating, this review is not sponsored. It was not paid for nor was there any incentive for me to do a review. However, after having my fair share of difficulties of finding a good web host and finding a trustworthy and reliable web programmer, I wanted to share this review. With that being said, this is not the first time I have reviewed these two companies. I made my first review of Squidix or 911 Website repair back in 2016 after the excitement of finding a quality web host and great service for getting my site fixed up.
Just to sum it up, I had gone through several web hosting companies who weren't very good. They were good at saying what they wanted you to hear and once you signed on, it was basically good luck to you. After my website essentially crashed and I was having a mental breakdown over it, ready to throw it all away, my amazing husband went on a search and found Mike at 911 Website Repair. He spoke to him and basically hooked me up as far as getting in touch with those guys and gave me the best birthday gift I could have asked for at the time - my website back!
Through Mike, it was recommended I moved to Squidix. I had never heard of them at the time, but my current hosting company during that period was not very good at working with Mike and his programmer to get what needed to be done taken care of. So with his advice and guidance, I made the move. Basically, all I had to go was given the okay, and Mike and Squidix worked together to get it all taken care of.
Fast forward to today, in 2021, I am still with Squidix and I am still using Mike and the same programmer that I have had from the beginning. 
At one point I did try to go the cheap way to get something done but quickly learned that was not a good idea. Mike and his team were there to fix my boo-boos... quickly. And of course, I learned, the hard way, as usual, to stick with the guys I trust. They have never steered me wrong and have always taken very good care of me. Not to mention working with me whenever I need help. My site is huge in the terms of file size, but not huge in the terms of traffic like Amazon. I make a small commission, but not a lot - I'm trying. Yet, they treat me all the same - friendly, professional, and fast-working. 
My personal programmer knows my site like the back of his hand. He does amazing and quality work. Even better, though, he makes sure to take backups. While this should be essential in that line of work, that is not always the case. Before any updates, he backs it up. He makes updates on a developer server before taking them live and once again backs my live stuff up. I am usually able to still post during updates until it's time for him to make a backup and go live. So very little work is missed out on. I don't know all the ins and outs, but what I do know is my programmer is very good at what he does.
The point I'm getting at, besides bragging on my amazing programmer, is that I've had the same guy working on my site since I began working with 911 Website Repair. It hasn't been a bunch of different people in and out of my site who have to learn it. It's the same guy. I'm sure there are others on the team that assist with whatever is necessary, but it's the same people, which help keep things running smoothly. In addition, they work closely with the guys over at Squidix. So if I run into server issues or website issues or a combination of the two, those guys all work together to get it taken care of.
Recently, we have been working on some regular web maintenance. Oh, fun! As with any website updates, whether big or small, there will be some technical issues. Adding to the fact my site is totally customized because I cannot just be a simple person - it complicates things a bit.
During these updates, once it was time to go live, there were some complications. Those of you who follow my Facebook page were aware of these issues. I wasn't able to post updates and some of my recent updates to old posts had been lost. It was a very frustrating time, to say the least. 
Well, the amazing team over at Squidix worked with my programmer. They got me on a new server and helped fix these glitches. My awesome programmer, because he had my backup files, went through them to find those missing updates and some lost images, and was able to recover what was lost! While it may have been something that wasn't too difficult for him to do, it was quite time-consuming, but he did it. Additionally, Squidix knew how frustrated I was and did everything in their control to make up for my downtime and has gone above and beyond to make it up to me. Basically, between Squidix and 911 Website Repair, you can't go wrong when it comes to having your website taken care of. 
I have learned my lesson over the years so now I stick with the people I trust. And honestly, it is so much better when your web hosting company works with your programmer. Those two companies combined, are a dream. So if you are just getting a new website or you have one, but looking to find a web hosting company to call "home" Squidix is it. They are affordable and reliable.
If you need your website repaired or someone to help maintain it, then go with 911 Website Repair. They may not be the cheap guy off a freelancing website, but they aren't the most expensive and their work is the best I have had. They stand behind their work and they get the job right the first time. Just tell them Ashley from Closetsamples.com sent you!
If you have any questions about either company, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to help you based on my experience. After 5+ years with both, I am fully confident in their service!

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Squidix and 911 Website Repair 2021 Review Update closetsamples pinterest
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