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Teami Detox 30 Days Pack + Tumbler #Review

A lot of people see themselves as more of a ‘coffee person’, but this could be the year that we replace our morning cup of espresso with tea. Many believe that a coffee will jump start their day and certainly, caffeine can get us going, but it can also lead to a crash late in the afternoon. The beneficial effect tends to lessen over time and you can begin to suffer from withdrawal headaches if you don’t get your daily ‘fix’. Let’s take a look at one of the best (and healthy) alternatives – detox tea, and list 5 of its benefits.

What Are The 5 Detox Tea Benefits?

1. Appetite Suppressant

If you feel hungry most of the time, you are not alone. A large majority of the modern diet is high in refined carbohydrates but low in protein and fibre. When you’re looking to shed some weight you need to be eating foods which are calorie poor but nutrient dense. Foods with a lot of protein (such as eggs, lean meat, fish, chicken legumes) and fibre (leafy green vegetables, whole fruits and unrefined cereals) help suppress hunger for longer throughout the day. One other strategy to help stave off cravings is to suppress the appetite through the use of natural teas which also have the beneficial effect of making you feel less hungry – and therefore – less likely to snack.

2. Aids Digestion

Most herbal teas assist in digestion. The natural compounds released from detox tea aid the digestive process and speed up the emptying of the colon – removing waste from the body. Used regularly, detox teas can improve digestive wellbeing and reduce bloating and constipation.

3. Removes Toxins

Did you know that when you drink tea, the natural herbs can assist the liver to detoxify the body of alcohol, caffeine, smoke and other food additives? The detox properties of green tea are well known and lead to improved activation of detoxification enzymes within the liver.

4. Boosts the Immune System

Organic, naturally-produced teas are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants act to shield your body from free radicals that may trigger health issues. Drinking herbal teas regularly will build a strong defense system against viruses and bacteria.

5. Increases Metabolism

Teas increases your metabolism which allows you to burn extra calories, even when you’re at rest. This can assist in weight loss as some teas have a thermogenic effect which both burns fat and decreases fat storage in your body.


Teami Detox 30 Days Pack + Tumbler #Review

I have recently discovered Teami on my way of getting healthier. Who is Teami? Here's some information about them:

Three best friends with three very different talents decided it was time to create a company that had true value. We were sick of seeing companies selling products to consumers that were completely worthless. Products that were supposed to have certain benefits and results, but didn’t. The idea of buying a product that doesn’t do what it promised - ugh! That just upsets me!
Anyways, back to our talents.
Teami Founder #1: had over 7 years experience in blending high quality loose leaf tea mixtures, as well as graphic design and web development
Teami Founder #2: had over 9 years experience with computer programming, software development and web development 
Teami Founder #3: had over 6 years experience with management, warehousing / fulfillment, marketing, social media and customer service
Together, we each decided to create a little love child - and we named it Teami.


What I think

I am currently working with Teami trying two of their amazing products. The Teami Detox 30 Days Pack and the Teami Tea Tumbler.

About the tea The Teami 30 Day Detox Tea will help you feel better from the inside out! Getting rid of the toxins that your body is holding on to will allow it to function properly, burn the correct amount of calories and have natural energy levels every day! The Teami Detox Tea Pack includes:

  • 30 day supply of our Skinny loose-leaf tea
  • 15 colon cleanse tea bags
As for my experience with the tea, I was actually very impressed with how it tasted. I've tried other diet/health teas and they have always had that "yucky healthy" sort of taste to it. You know, that flavor that just screams "I'm gross, but I'm good for you" - yea, those. Those are the ones you try once, trying to be determined, but never use again. Much to my surprise, though, this tasted like just regular every day tea. Nothing fancy. Nothing gross. Just tea. The skinny tea came in loose leaves, where you mix just one teaspoon at a time with hot water. The same goes for the colon tea, but it's in it's own individual sachet rather than loose. You can boil the tea over the stove, but I prefer to get hot water from my Keurig machine and add it to my tea in my tumbler. It's just quicker and more convenient.
Skinny Tea
About the tumbler
With your Teami Travel Tumbler you will be able to brew our yummy loose leaf tea in minutes and while On-The-Go. The Teami Tumbler is Double Layered which keeps your tea hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation. Easy to clean and easy to use, the Teami Tumbler is a great accessory that tea lovers can not live without! Here are some extra tidbits about why our one of a kind, Teami Tumblers are pretty amazing:
  • No Mess, No Spill - Our tumblers are the best way to drink your All-Natural loose leaf tea and tea bags without spilling or creating any mess!
  • It's Heat Resistant - Our Double Layered Walls and Durable BPA Free Plastic tumblers will ensure that you never ever burn yourself!
  • Perfect for Hot & Cold Beverages - Our tumblers have multiple uses! You can use it to drink hot tea, coffee, juice, detox water, infused water, smoothies and more!
From my experience of using the tumbler with the tea, it was super easy to use! There are basically four part of the tumbler: The outer body, the inside body (where the liquid goes), the mesh screening and the top. For me, I designated this tumbler to use only with my tea as I take my journey to cleansing and getting a bit healthier. What I do is add either the loose tea or a tea sachet to the container, add the hot water, put on the mesh screening, screw on the top, then enjoy. I found that the tumbler does not leak out, however, if you do spill it upside down, it will slowly drip out. I found that to be a common thing with tumblers in general. Of course, if you don't hold it upside down, you will be just fine. The quality of the tumbler itself, though, is absolutely amazing. Because of the double wall, your hand will not burn from the hot water of your tea! Talk about nice! Now both of these products go hand and hand with each other and honestly, I would recommend buying both products together.
The thing is, the tumbler seriously makes things so much more convenient. I'm not normally on the go, but I'm so busy throughout the day that I don't have time to boil water over the stove, steep tea, etc. It literally took me a minute (maybe a bit less) to fix my tea. As far as how well it works? Well, only time will tell. I'm crossing my fingers it makes a difference because believe me, losing weight and staying health is not as easy as it once was (like when I was 18!). Thankfully, Teami thought of everything and included a card with a suggested use guide and daily schedule of how to use the 30 day detox to make the most out of it. The bottom line is, the tea taste great, the tumbler is awesome - basically, in short, this was a wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to seeing the end results of using Teami!  
Want to try Teami for yourself? Take advantage of these discount codes:
10% OFF any Teami Purchase - TEAMIDISC
12% OFF any purchase $24.99 + - TEAMIDISC12
FREE RED TEA INFUSER with any purchase $28.99 + - INFUSERFREE  
By the way, follow Teami on their social media:
Facebook: TEAMIFB10
Instagram: TEAMIASH10
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