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Purr Packs - Subscription Boxes for Cats #Review
As you all know I am an animal love, especially for cats! We have 9 cats and a dog. Well 8 by choice, and 1 feral kitten that stumbled into our lives about a month ago that adopted our family upon us taking her in. She recently got spayed, vaccinated and we`re waiting on her blood work results to make sure she`s safe to be around our other kitties (She quarantined for the time being).
On top of being a self proclaimed "crazy cat lady" myself, I also volunteer at a local cat rescue called Spaymart. So when I saw Purr Packs I just knew I had to get in on them!  Purr-Packs specializes in discovering and sharing new and innovative products for their customers. Their Subscription Packs are available in a variety of sizes and plans, allowing cat families to explore new products serendipitously, plus all the fun of sharing surprises with your kitties each month. Purr-Packs also offers exclusive items unavailable from anyone else, and they allow our customers to customize or personalize their subscriptions with special requests, including dietary requirements, color preferences, and more. All of their Packs are available as gifts for your loved ones, and each one can be personalized just for your recipient and their own feline family! Their fans have found that it's hard to go wrong when sending a Purr-Pack gift to someone who loves cats.
Purr Packs - Subscription Boxes for Cats #Review
What I think
I was lucky to get a Thanksgiving style Purr Pack and will be giving one away locally, probably at the next event we have for Spaymart, and am super excited about it. Of course my excitement was nothing compared to the cats! We received a total of 7 products within the box and EVERY one of them was a HUGE hit! While not every cat liked every product, there was certainly something for everyone`s liking in it. Here`s what came in our stash: 
Who doesn`t like Cheese Nips? We do... a little too much, frankly. These easy-to-make microwavable treats are ready in moments. We could stop there, but it gets better. It`s ORGANIC! Pamper your cat like a tree-huggin`, macrame-weaven`, VW bus-drivin` hippie! The treat pan is reusable too! Even the most finicky cat will lose its ever-lovin` mind.
Only the best for kit-kit! These grain-free, omega-rich treats contain glucosamine and cranberries to support both joint and urinary tract health. Your cat will love you for loving him or her this much.
Clean-up is now faster, more efficient, and odor-free! LitterPal takes you beyond wasteful, messy sifting bags and liners into a world of cornstarch bio-bags with a fresh jasmine scent. They even included a set of reinforcing corners!
Our test cats lost their minds over this. Was it because of the textured burlap or the long feather tail? We don`t know. Just toss it on the floor and look out, and don`t pretend we didn`t warn you.
Stimulating play if of utmost importance, especially for indoor cats. Bring out the dormant hunter in your cat with this catnip toy, complete with realistic electronic mouse sound.
While we are on the topic of stimulating play, Boinks shoots up to 30 feet and provides exercise AND excitement. Watch your cat`s eyes dart all over the room in anticipation of where Boinks will go!
And don`t forget your new scratch pad underneath the mountain of goodness!  
With all the neat stuff you know my cats were pleased. Of course we had a few pieces in the box that were ultimate hits for my guys. The play-n-squeak mouse toy made Max, our youngest black cat (5 of our 9 cats are black), go absolutely nuts. I mean he goes so nuts over this thing that if I pick it up and make it make it`s little noise and he`s sleeping, he pops up ready for action!
Also, the cat treats in the baggie, I have to hide the bag. Why? Max is a little pig about them. ALL the cats loved these, but Max is so crazy about them he hunts them down and will literally chew on the bag and carry it away in attempts to get to all the treats!  The burlap cat toy was a favorite to our fluffy main coon, Elvis. He loves stuffed animals. I mean he steals my almost 2 year old sons toys, the dog got a dog based subscription box in (which she rarely gets anything special) and who stole the stuffed animal plush that came in the box? You guess it, Elvis. He`s quite the character. But that burlap feather toy was claimed instantly! He also seemed to get a kick out of the boinks. Those weren`t a huge hit with everyone else, but Elvis is know for liking the `odd ball` toys. Max touched them a bit too, but Elvis was more into them. Of course the one item everyone seemed to claim was the scratch pad. It came with catnip so instead of a tiny bit of catnip, I dumped the bag and spread it all over the pad for them. My cats LOVE cat nip and I keep a stash on hand. Nothing is more entertaining than a cat tree full of kitties on the cat nip! Any how, Sylvester, one of the other black cats, actually makes use of the scratch pad. I mean he uses the scratching posts, but on the scratch pad he goes to town and clearly LOVES it. Everyone else, they give it a brief scratch, if that, but actually prefer it as a nap pad. 
Like I said, this box was a hit! Even the box the stuff came in was a hit. I mean, it`s a box and you can`t go wrong with a box of any size with a cat. You should see the trouble I go through trying to get rid of my amazon boxes when I get products in! Of course that`s a different story for a different day.
Would I say this box is worth it? Absolutely! You get 3 subscription box options to choose from if and when you choose to subscribe: 
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