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4 Homemade Teas

This post first appeared on Piping Rock. All content is theirs.

Tea time is the best time. 


When it comes to tea drinking, there's just something so relaxing about it. We may go so far as to say it's a form of active meditation. After all, you have to be mindful throughout the process. Don't know how? Well...

First, you must define the mood you're in. If you're trying to unwind from a stressful day, you won't choose a tea with caffeine in it. Next, you must prepare the water and steep the tea. Finally, you'll choose a spot to sip on your tea. While you're sipping, you're actively breathing in the aroma, bringing you back to the present. 

See? Tea drinking can be quite the Zen-oriented experience!

But, let's rewind to that first part -- choosing the right tea to drink. We've picked out our top 4 homemade teas for you to make, based on common moods you may find yourself in on the day to day.


For When You're Too Uptight:

Anytime that you feel your mind is rushing a mile a minute, or you have so much on your plate you can't chill...Lavender Chamomile tea is a great blend to drink. Both flowers are known for their calming aromas. After all, lavender is a staple of the spa, while chamomile is a classic nightly tea!

Here's how to make your own blend:

In an herbal tea diffuser, add 1 teaspoon Chamomile Flowers Whole Organic and 1 teaspoon Lavender FlowersSteep in 8 oz. of hot water for 5 minutes. 


For When You Need To Wake Up:

Long night? Then it's time to cue the caffeine. Luckily, there are myriad teas out there that have high levels to help you perk up. One of the best is green tea. Green tea has a naturally occurring compound, Theanine, which does great things for you. Plus, it can be combined with the age-old awakening tea, Peppermint, for a super power tea blend. 

Here's how to make this tea:

In a mug of 8 oz. hot water, add 1 bag of Green Tea, 1 bag of Peppermint Tea. Let them steep for 5 minutes. 


For When You're Off To Yoga:

Are you going to a yoga class and want to pregame with some meditative goodness? Then you'll want to put together two teas that will both center your mind and calm your spirit. For that, try some Holy Basil leaves. They're known for their stimulating aroma and use in traditional wellness practices. To spice up the taste, throw a little turmeric into the diffuser too!

Here's how to make this tea:

In a mug of 8 oz. hot water, add 2 tsp. Holy Basil and 1/4 tsp. Turmeric Powder. Let steep 5 minutes. 


For Before Bedtime:

There are many teas that can help you rest up before it's time to hit the pillow. Our favorite blend has Hibiscus Flowers, Lavender, and Valerian Root. All three have been known for their distinct aromas and intrinsically calming properties. 

To make this tea, simply:

Combine 1 tsp. Hibiscus Flowers1 tsp. Valerian Root, and 1/2 tsp.  Lavender Flowers in a diffuser. Place in 8 oz. hot water. Let steep for 5 minutes.

There you have it, 4 homemade teas for any situation you may find yourself in. We hope you enjoyed the post! Comment below with your favorite blend, or a personal suggestion!


4 Homemade Teas

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