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It's been a long time since I have had breakfast for dinner or even a real full breakfast if I'm to be honest. Usually, we rush around throughout the day so breakfast is something quick and easy. So when Broquet and I partnered up to try their Smokehouse Bacon Six Ways Crate and their Wake and Bacon Manly Breakfast Essentials, I knew just how to use them!
Let me tell you about each box, first, before I get to the good stuff:

The Smokehouse Bacon Six Ways 

Bacon is man's best friend. It makes perhaps the greatest gift of all time. So Broquet set out to find the most awesome, unique bacon products this country has to offer and built a Broquet that delivers bacon in six epic forms. Think of it as the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Except it's just Bacon, no Kevin.
Bacon Jerky: just like actual bacon. Except you can take it anywhere and eat it anytime. Welcome to the 21st century.
Vosges Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar: hickory-smoked bacon and Alderwood smoked salt in 62% dark chocolate. Incredible.
Dry Cured Bacon (14-16oz Altogether): dry cured and hickory smoked so it doesn't shrink when cooked. 
Bacon Hot Sauce: adds a bacon-flavored kick to pizza, wings, or bacon.
Bacon Salt: perfect on eggs, salads, or really anything.
Sir Francis Bacon Brittle (Chocolate or Peanut): according to the New York Times, it’s “the love child of salt & sugar”. The perfect combination of Benton’s hickory-smoked country bacon and naturally sweet Spanish peanuts.

The Wake and Bacon Manly Breakfast Essentials 

It's time to wake up, and we know how much that sucks. The Wake and Bacon makes it a little bit more tolerable -Broquet suggests starting the day off with a piping hot mug of premium artisan coffee—don’t worry, it’s manlier than a grizzly in flannel and full of caffeine goodness. Next, it's time to cook yourself up some pancakes. Did we say pancakes? We meant CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES. Awesome. Slather those with one of three options for real New Hampshire maple syrup - light, amber, or dark - that come in the syrup sampler pack. Next, we've got you covered with 1 lb of Dry Cured Bacon. Cook it to perfection and then toss the bacon on your plate next to those Chocolate Chip Pancakes, or, if you have some leftover, at your next barbecue, on a hot, greasy burger. 
  • 1 Pack of Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix
  • 1 Dry Cured Bacon (14-16oz Altogether)
  • 1 Jar of Blueberry Bourbon Jam (8 oz)
    • Made with whole Maine Blueberries and brown sugar with a touch of bourbon
  • 1 Bag of Premium Artisan Coffee (12 oz)
    • A balanced blend of full body and flavorful coffee
  • 1 Maple Syrup Sampler 3-Pack
    • Made with 100% pure New Hampshire produced syrup
      • Delicate Golden (1.3 oz)
      • Rich Amber (1.3 oz)
      • Robust Dark (1.3 oz)
Now that we covered a slight bit of information about each box, it's time to get on to the fun part!
So as you can see, each box is different. For us, we opted to make a 'breakfast for dinner' as I stated in the beginning. So we ended up getting together with our neighbor next door and made it a sort of 'family dinner'. Before making it over there I had already enjoyed the Bacon Jerky and the Vosges Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar. The bacon jerky is absolutely AMAZING. Unlike your typical jerky that's tough, this one was soft and full of flavor. Not to mention it was seriously addicting. I could honestly eat that all the time. As far as the chocolate bacon bar goes, I'm not new to it. I discovered that brand of chocolate bars at World Market some years back and fell in love - particularly with the bacon bar. It's a great alternative to the same old boring chocolate. It tastes simple, with hints of chocolate, yet very delicious. I have to break it up into the square pieces and only eat a small amount at a time. Seriously, it's a premium chocolate bar to die for! 
I really wanted to enjoy the bacon brittle, however, my teeth just aren't what they used to be and after having a tooth that had gotten chipped over a hard sprinkle, I didn't want to risk it. I attempted one piece - which was AMAZING, but it is very hard. So that got passed along to my neighbor who absolutely LOVED it!
So now it was time for the big dinner. My husband made the batch of chocolate chip pancakes and my neighbor mad the packs of bacon. He and my husband decided to do half the bacon as it was so the kids could enjoy it and the other they added the bacon hot sauce to it. Some even had the bacon salt added. Additionally, they tossed in some biscuits and made country gravy to make it a true Southern breakfast for dinner type of meal! 
The pancakes came out so delicious and the kids loved the idea of having chocolate chip pancakes. While the guys wanted their same old standard pancake syrup, I opted to try all three of the maple sampler bottles.  While I thought all the syrups were pretty good, I found I liked the amber-colored one (middle bottle) the best! 
The dry-cured bacon was amazing as well. Trying it plainly was good, however, the guys made it a bit too crunchy for my liking, but that's how they like it. Adding some bacon salt to the plain bacon really brought out the flavor and it doesn't take very much to do. However, the best way the bacon was made was when we slathered the bacon hot sauce (about half the bottle) on it and added a pinch of bacon salt. Talk about some luxury-style tasting bacon! 
Finally, we ate the biscuits and gravy. This didn't come in the set, but what I found REALLY made the biscuits was the blueberry bourbon jam. I swear that was the BEST jam I have ever tasted! I already love blueberries and blueberry jam, but this one had that little bit of zang to it that kept me wanting more. Having full chunks of blueberry really brought it out and made it enjoyed able to even eat alone. Don't worry, I only ate it off my plate and not out the jar! Adding that to the biscuits, though, DELICIOUS
Since it was late I didn't enjoy the coffee that night, however, the next morning I was sure to give the Artisan Coffee that came in the box a try.  All I can honestly say is WOW! That is probably some of the best coffee I have personally tried. It is so smooth, yet so bold in flavor. I always add sugar and cream to my coffee, but this didn't taste like my cheaper brand I usually get. This one just seems so full of life so to speak. 
Needless to say, my experience with Broquet was an amazing one. At first, looking at their pricing I couldn't understand what made them so special. Now I see. It's not just cheap 'whatever' brands in the boxes they send. They send full-on, premium stuff to you. In my case, we had a bacon theme going on and everything that said it had a bacon flavor, sure enough, did. It wasn't just okay type of stuff. It was OMG this is amazing, I want more type of stuff.
Honestly, Broquet would be an amazing gift to give someone or even to just treat yourself. I'm still licking my lips from that breakfast for dinner meal we had and it's been a few days now. Oh, did I mention the fact that the stuff actually comes in small little crates?!? That excites me too much. Besides a nice presentation, these can be reused for other projects or organizing! So yea, you definitely need to give one a try and see what the hype is about. 

Have you tried Broquet? How was your experience? Comment below!

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