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Popular Student Hobbies closetsamples guest post
Hobbies are so important for one’s mental health and life satisfaction. Young people need to have good, relaxing, and fun hobbies to distract them from the stresses of the outside world, including school. Depending on what hobby one chooses, they can even become useful in a further career or financial status. 
Hobbies have started to play a particularly important role in recent years when socializing and in-class education have been limited to a minimum. During this time, there has been a significant rise in new hobbies among students. Hobbies can offer an escape from the world for a brief moment while also teaching young people important skills along the way. Let’s see some of the most popular hobbies among students these days. 

Learning languages

In today’s world, people need a lot of additional skills and talents to succeed in the job market. That’s why learning foreign languages has become a highly popular hobby among the youth. Students know that you won’t even surprise anyone by knowing one foreign language. It’s simply what is expected from you at this point. So, of course, many take learning languages as their hobby. 
Besides, such a hobby can also lead to cool socializing moments, like when one can talk to foreigners in their native language. One can also watch foreign movies without subtitles or not be afraid to travel to new regions of the world. Overall, there are some great benefits to learning new languages.


These days, students are much more socially and politically active than the youth ten or twenty years ago. They keep their finger on the pulse of current political affairs and don’t let anything go under their radar. Logically, activism has become the one thing that occupies most of their time. Of course, it is much more than a hobby. Many would rather call it their moral obligation or social duty. Still, activism can take many shapes and forms, such as online activism, volunteering, or going on protests. 


Being a volunteer is an honorable and admirable thing to do. Young people, in particular, are most prone to becoming volunteers in their late teens and early twenties. First, they have time and opportunities to give away their time for free. Secondly, they are often very passionate and eager to prove themselves. Besides, people can volunteer in different countries, which also leads to great travel experiences. 
Also, the competition among students for a place at a good university is as fierce as never before. Having a few extra lines on your resume that indicate your giving, altruistic nature will surely tip the scale in your favor. 


As soon as traveling became accessible and affordable, the youth was the first population group to exploit this activity. Traveling is no longer a luxury. There are so many ways to travel on a budget. Besides, students also enjoy numerous opportunities to travel while studying. There are many study exchange programs available to thousands of students in many corners of the world. 
Some students simply choose to travel during their breaks between semesters. A few weeks can be quite enough to press a reset button, get rested, and learn about the new culture. Overall, with the drop in travel costs and global interconnectedness, traveling has become a popular hobby among students. 


Young people always have a lot on their minds. Writing is a perfect solution to having some sort of release from all that pressure. Many students get into creative writing, whether it is fiction, poetry, blogging, or else, to let go of their anxieties and learn more about themselves. However, for many, writing becomes a rare hobby that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes such a hobby can even turn into a profession. 
Creative writing doesn’t require anything from students but some time and a place to write. Yet, it can give so much in return. Moreover, writing as a hobby can even help with homework. Such students can complete their writing assignments better and faster, without even relying on reading numerous reviews on writing services such as this exposing review at https://scamfighter.net/review/unemployedprofessors.com

Video Blogging

It seems that every student is some type of a blogger these days. However, as all video-based social media platforms, such as TikTok, are growing in size and popularity, the youth is rushing to jump on board. Many students spend at least several hours per day posting and viewing media content. So these students are inspired to become famous influencers themselves, while others just use video blogging as a form of creative realization. Either way, video vlogging is an incredibly popular hobby among students, and it seems to progressively grow in its influence.

Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking are surprisingly quite popular hobbies among young people. It shouldn’t be a surprise. First, many students start to live alone for the first time in their lives, so they need to learn how to cook for themselves. Some young people start to find joy in learning new recipes and making dinners. Baking can also be a great stress relief activity, which many students can appreciate. Besides, the youth is also well-known to advocate for healthy diets, including vegetarians and vegans, which often comes with a lot of home cooking. 
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