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This post first appeared on Piping Rock. All content is theirs. 
Feel like your daily habits are environmentally wasteful or harmful? There are so many ways to live a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle! Going-Green involves consciously working to reduce your carbon footprint and individual output. What does this mean?
Your Carbon-Footprint is the amount of Carbon Dioxide or Fossil Fuels you will emit personally in your lifetime. The less waste and toxicity you contribute the better! If everybody could incrementally reduce their Carbon-Footprint the Earth would be a more sustainable place to live. But how?
Don't wait for Earth Day to do your part. Below are 15 simple steps to take in your guide to Eco-Friendly Living.

15 Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

1. Choose Organic Foods: 

Why go Organic? Going organic involves upgrading your standard of food quality, supporting wholesome agricultural practices, and protecting the ecosystem. Look for the USDA Logo when shopping for Organic Products.

2. Clean Beauty:

There many ways to make your own Homemade & Personal Care Products using soothing herbal ingredients. Don't have the time? Below are a few products with amazing formulas:

3. Homemade Cleaning Products: 

You can create Homemade Cleaning Products easily. For example: A Citrus Sink Cleaner. Simply mix 1 Cup of Baking Soda with 1/4 Cup of Castile Soap and 20 Drops of 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil.

4. Going Vegan: 

Veganism is much more than a dietary choice. This lifestyle is driven by a motive to support greener living. There are many Vegan Products that are crafted especially for Vegan living.

5. Use Less Paper Products:

You may not realize that you're using too much paper daily. Here are a few creative ways to cut down on your everyday usage:
  • Using Hand Dryers Instead of Paper Towels
  • Cleaning with Reusable Cloths
  • Asking for Digital Receipts instead of Paper
  • Utilizing Reusable Coffee Filters

6. Use Less Plastic:

Using too much plastic? Cut down your consumption to support greener living. Some ways to reduce your usage of plastic:
  • Substituting Plastic Water Bottles for Stainless Steel
  • Drinking without Plastic Straws
  • Grocery Shopping with Canvas bags instead of Plastic

7. Meal Prepping:

Meal Prepping once a week can help you avoid wasting food. Make sure you have a plan for all of the food in your refrigerator before it spoils.
Also Read: 15 Organic Superfoods with Incredible Nutritional Value

8. Cut down on Energy Use:

Become more cognizant of the amount of energy you're using in your home. Shut all forms of electricity when not in use or during the daytime. This is an eco-friendly practice that will also save you some money.

9. Fuel-Efficient Transportation:

Cars are the number one culprits of emitting Fossil Fuels. Carpooling and Public Transportation are great ways to conserve. Also, Hybrids and Electric Cars use alternative methods to fuel. They're significantly more Eco-Friendly than the average car. These cars typically come with perks like exclusive parking and roadway access.

10. Composting:

Composting is a modern way of recycling. Instead of trashing food items, consider using them to nourish the soil in your garden. Here is a list of items that you can use for Composting:
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Egg Shells
  • Tea Bags
  • House Plants
  • Leaves
  • Hay and Straw
  • Woodchips

11. Electronic Mailing:

Email has revolutionized the way people communicate. Still getting paper in the mail? Choose paperless options. Email is much faster and more effective. Most companies can accommodate the switch.

12. Conserving Water:

Statistics show that we can use 20% less water by replacing old faucets and fixtures. Shorter daily showers can also promote conservation.

13. Online Reading:

Still reading Paper Books? Everything is going digital! There are so many great platforms for reading online. From Articles, Podcasts and Audiobooks, your options are endless. Conserve paper and be entertained.

14. Strict Recycling:

Knowledge is power! Paper, Plastic, Glass, and Oil all have their own way of being recycled. Utilize town resources to find the most efficient way to recycle. Not everything belongs in the trash.

15. Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy sources do not deplete. They can be renewed and conserved. Consider choosing alternative sources to fossil fuels.

16. Unplugging:

This one is simple. Put down the electronics. Often, we become too dependent on our smartphones. Go out and explore the natural world. This will give you the perspective you need to make the right changes.

Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Sources:

Solar Energy:

Solar energy comes from the sun. It's harvested through the installation of solar panels. The sun is a renewable source of energy.

Wind Power:

The wind is another renewable source of energy. It’s captured by turbines, activating propellers that power generators.


Similarly, hydroelectricity is produced by turbines. As water flows through freely, it activates propellers that power generators.

Geothermal Energy:

This has been developed in recent years due to innovation. Heat energy from within the Earth is harnessed to generate power.
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