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Legit Ways to Get Free Toys in 2023 closetsamples
Toys play an essential role in childhood development, sparking imagination, fostering creativity, and providing hours of entertainment. However, the cost of toys can quickly add up, making it challenging for parents to keep up with their child's ever-changing preferences. Luckily, there are legitimate ways to score free toys in 2023, ensuring your kids can continue to explore, learn, and have fun without breaking the bank.

Toy Testing Panels and Product Reviews

Many toy manufacturers and retailers are eager to get feedback on their products before releasing them to the market. You can sign up for toy testing panels and review programs to receive free toys in exchange for your honest opinions. Companies like Mattel, Hasbro, and LEGO often send out samples for review. Keep an eye out for such opportunities on their websites or through reputable survey sites. 

→ Far Out Toys’ Fun Lab 

The Far Out Toys Fun Lab is a community of parents and kids who enjoy playing with toys. By signing up, you become part of the Far Out Fun Lab community, where you’ll get invitations to review free toys based on your child’s interests. Periodically, members are asked for feedback on toys and have a chance to participate in compensated online focus groups. 
You’ll recognize most of their brands too: Nascar Racing toys, Glo-Up Girls dolls, Adventure Force, Love, Diana Princess play, Ryan’s World, and more! They even had a Toy of the Year finalist for 2022! 
If you’re interested, you can apply here

→ The Fisher-Price Cast & Play Crew  

The Fisher-Price Cast & Play Crew is a community of parents with children ages 5 and younger who test toys and offer feedback to improve the toys before they are released to the public. By joining this community, you agree to help Fisher Price see what’s working. This membership also gives Fisher Price the chance (with your permission) to capture videos and pictures of your little one enjoying the toy for product development and promotion later. 
As a way of saying ‘thanks,’ Fisher Price awards an Amazon or Target gift card for every time you participate---a win-win for both parents and kids! 
If you’re interested, sign up here

→ Hasbro’s FunLab 

Hasbro’s FunLab invites both children and adults to test their toys and games. They want consumers of ALL AGES - including fans, board gamers and play enthusiasts - to come together to synergize ideas and evaluate products, helping Hasbro make exceptional play and entertainment experiences for consumers around the world!  
Hasbro’s FunLab offers opportunities for fun both on-site and at-home via virtual video chats or play sessions. Research sessions are virtual video chats or at-home play sessions.  
If you’re interested in being a part of this, make sure you sign up here!  

→ Mattel Imagination Center 

The Mattel Imagination Center is a place where children, toy designers and researchers connect to produce innovative and imaginative toys and experiences for children. Their motto is “Together, we play, we discover, and we imagine what the future of play will be.” By partnering with children and their families, they can make products that teach, captivate, encourage, and delight.  
Mattel welcomes children and adults ages 3 to 13 as toy testers and focus group participants to help them develop and refine toy offerings.
Sound like fun for you and your family? Register here

→ Home Tester Club 

The Home Tester Club is always looking for people to test free products. While they offer opportunities to test foods, skin care, tech, and personal products, toys are a big part of this program. The Tester Club works by mailing toy products to your home in exchange for an honest review and a survey response. Your shared insights can help improve shoppers’ buying experiences and assist brands with product development.  
Head over here to sign up your crew! 

→ Ripple Street 

Ripple Street is probably one of the most common home party sites. You apply to host and if you show serious interest by completing tasks, you may be selected to host. The goodies for the party arrive via mail at your door for you and your guests to enjoy. While most parties are geared toward home goods and foods, toy parties do crop up sometimes! 

→ Tryazon 

Tryazon regularly offers toys and games as a part of their home party program! These tend to be lesser-known brands, but lots of fun nonetheless. If you’re interested in ways to get free toys by hosting a home party, be sure to get that application in. 
Free Green Red and Yellow Lego Blocks Stock Photo
 Image credit: Pexels

Birthday Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Numerous retailers and brands offer free toys as part of their loyalty programs or birthday clubs. By signing up for these programs, you can receive special offers, discounts, and even free toys on your child's birthday. Places like Toys "R" Us, Target, and Build-A-Bear have been known to provide such perks to their loyal customers.
Free White Dollhouse Stock Photo
Image credit: Pexels

Recycled Toys

Online platforms like Freecycle and Craigslist often have listings for free items, including toys. Families looking to declutter or pass on toys their children have outgrown may offer them for free to those in need. It's a great way to find toys in good condition without spending a dime. 

→ Freecycle 

The Freecycle Network is a great place to start a search. Freecycle is a free, membership-based, grassroots nonprofit movement of people dedicated to giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns. For Freecyclers, it’s about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. You can also set up your own, smaller personal Friends Circle for gifting items with just your friends. However you choose to use the platform, Freecycle is ultimately one of the most sustainable ways to get free toys for your kids. 
Head over here to sign up for Freecycle and score free toys! 

→ is affiliated with Freecycle. However, unlike with Freecyle, TrashNothing allows you to put a notice or comment out for an item that you’re specifically looking for. If you’re hoping to get free toys from those ready to part with their own, this could be a great way to bridge the gap.  

→ Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent source to find all kinds of freebies, including free toys for your kids. Since parents often purge old toys when they move or when their kids have grown, it’s common to find children’s toys by the box load up for grabs on Facebook Marketplace. You might get lucky and find a parent that just wants their space back and list them for FREE, or for a fraction of the cost.  
Free Plastic Animal Toys on Wooden Surface Stock Photo
Image credit: Pexels 

Toy Swaps and Exchanges

Organize toy swaps or exchanges with friends, neighbors, or local parenting groups. Kids often have toys they no longer play with, and swapping them with other families can provide everyone with new playthings at zero cost. This approach also promotes community bonding and reduces waste.
Free Photo of Ball Pit Balls Stock Photo
Image credit: Pexels 

Toy Libraries

Some communities have toy libraries where families can borrow toys just like they would books from a regular library. This allows children to enjoy a variety of toys without the long-term commitment or expense of purchasing them. Check if your area has a toy library and explore the options available.
Free Yellow Duckies in Line on a Concrete Floor Stock Photo
 Image credit: Pexels 

Contests and Giveaways

Participate in online contests, sweepstakes, and social media giveaways held by toy brands, retailers, and parenting blogs. Many companies run promotional campaigns offering free toys as prizes. Engaging with these contests and following their rules could lead to you winning some exciting toys for your kids.
Free Close-up Photo of White Sailing Ship Miniature Stock Photo
 Image credit: Pexels 

Kids' Clubs and Educational Programs

Some educational programs and kids' clubs offer free toys as incentives for participation. Look for local or online classes, workshops, or events that provide children with the opportunity to learn and play. The toys given away in these programs are often relevant to the theme of the activity.
Free Brown and Green Giraffe Figurine on Book Stock Photo
 Image credit: Pexels 

Charitable Organizations and Events

During the holiday season or special occasions, charitable organizations often distribute free toys to children from low-income families. Look for local events, drives, or toy distributions hosted by reputable charities in your area.

→ Toy Foundation  

The Toy Foundation collects millions of toys from toy companies and distributes them to thousands of children’s charities around the globe, all year long. Use the website to take part and donate or find a participating Toy Bank near you. 

→ Toys for Tots 

Most of us have heard of Toys for Tots. The goal of Toys for Tots, a national charity soon celebrating its 75th year, is to help bring the joy of Christmas to less fortunate children. To get involved with this awesome mission, simply visit the website for a local or national chapter and view donation opportunities. You can also apply online for your child to be a toy recipient.  
Free Girl In Red Dress Playing A wooden Blocks Stock Photo
 Image credit: Pexels 

Other Ways to Save on Toys 

If none of these ways to get free toys sounded right to you, that’s okay! Here are a few more small tips for finding free toys and other freebies for your kids.  
  • Our favorite cash-back app, Ibotta offers dozens of savings on toys and games. Be sure to check their website for the latest deals and promotions.
  • The clearance aisle at your local store can be a gold mine for year-round deals and discounts. Grab some of the deep discounts you find and stash them away in a closet so when birthday parties or last-minute gift exchanges pop up, you can shop right from your own house or donate it to Toys for Tots. 
  • Yard sales are a fun way to encourage kids to part with some of the toys that they no longer play with, especially if they can get money for it. This not only allows other kids to get cheap or free toys, but teaches your kids the value of earning and selling.
  • Follow your favorite savings websites for deals, free samples, and freebies. Closet of Free Samples is your source for finding them!  Sign up for the daily newsletter as well as follow on Facebook, TelegramInstagram, and Twitter so that you’ll be the first to know when they are available!


Getting free toys in 2023 is not only possible but also a rewarding way to keep your children engaged and happy without straining your budget. From participating in toy testing panels to joining loyalty programs and taking advantage of local resources, there are numerous ways to acquire toys at no cost. Remember, these opportunities often require a bit of research and engagement, but the joy and smiles on your children's faces will make it all worthwhile.
BONUS: Check out these kid freebies currently available while you are here and save some money! 
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