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I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this evening when I saw a story that just bothered the hell out of me if I'm going to be blunt. I'm not huge on sharing news stories on here, however, I also didn't feel I would be okay just sitting back and not helping share this mans story either being this is my own home state of Louisiana. While I'm not near the Thibidoux area where this incident took place, I'm from the New Orleans area and seeing someone being treated unjustly is just not okay with me. The fact that I usually love my local Rouses and shop their frequently and to read this story really saddens and upsets me to see the 'true colors' of Rouses. I hope Mr Allen Lee receives what he is owed and more. 
Here is his story:
Allen Lee worked for Rouses Supermarket for 39 years mostly at the saint Mary street In Thibodaux Louisiana and only made less than $10 an hour even though he was performing duties a department store manager. Allen was a loyal employee. He would walk to work a total of 4 +miles each day and would always be on time. Even when he was ill, he would go to work and make sure Rouses’ freezers were stocked and would leave afterward, always committed to being a reliable employee. One day, the bakery manager was about to throw out bread that had passed its expiration date. Allen asked how much it would cost to purchase it (75 cents). At the end of his shift, he went to the register and bought the bread. When he returned to work the next day, he was fired. The managers who had never spoken with Allen fired him and didn't bother to review any tape from their stores. They simply called him a thief without a second thought and fired him. Even after they were made aware that they were in error, the Rouses owners didn't call to apologize and return Allen to work. Instead, they lied along with several employees and said he had stolen the bread when he had not. Rouses owners even tried to deny Allen unemployment benefits. The Louisiana Workforce Commission investigated the cases and stated there was no cause for termination, but it these didn't return Allen good name, his employment, or his retirement.

Allen is suing Rouses and he needs your help. Allen couldn't even get one news media to cover this story in 2 years. WSDU New Orleans’ Aubry Killion had Allen come to New Orleans to tape his story, went as far as to come to Thibodaux,but never aired the interview. No other news media responded to requests to air the story, even the local news media didn't. Right now, the case is no longer a federal court case, instead the state has the case in Thibodaux, which will be heard on January 3,2019. We need this to go viral, that is the only way Allen can have justice. Please share this post and if you can donate funds to pay his lawyer fees please do so! THANK YOU! INTERVIEW WAS NEVER
 You can see the original post on Facebook from Allen Lee here. He also has made a video about his experience in which you can view here on Facebook.
I do not know this man personally or have any affiliation or paid reasoning to post this. I simply want to see justice and Rouses to be held accountable. Since the local news is not willing to share his story, I  am. It's not much, but if everyone helps this story go viral, Rouses will not be able to hide. Let's help this man out. 
If anyone cares to let Rouses know what you think, feel free to leave your review of this location at the following (each link will bring you to the listing):

**UPDATE** 12/31/2019 10:36am

I wanted to pass along the message Rouses sent to me in response to my comment on the situation on their Facebook page (to keep things fair in regards to the situation). 
While we do not ordinarily comment on ongoing litigation and/or personnel matters, because Mr. Lee has decided to publicly share his side of the story, we would like to make a few clarifications to Mr. Lee's post, which contains not only misleading information but also statements that are not factual. >There are several witnesses/coworkers of Mr. Lee that dispute the things he says in his posts and in his court filings. >Mr. Lee admitted when deposed to knowing other employees who were fired for eating product before purchasing it. Mr. Lee was in fact written up for a similar offense just a few years ago, and it is documented in his personnel file. He refers to being fired "over 75 cents", but that is a price that is not quantified or verified, as Mr. Lee did not bring any product to a cashier to pay for. >The "pension" or "retirement" that he refers to is non-existent: despite the fact that Mr. Lee qualified to participate in the 401(k) plan, he elected not to. Every three months Rouses' system automatically asks all qualified employees if they would like to begin contributing, and he elected not to each time. If he had decided to participate, there is nothing Rouses could do (nor would we want to!) to touch his money saved in the plan. >The federal court system and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have both dismissed the charges brought against Rouses by Mr. Lee and his attorney, based on the facts presented by both sides. There are only remaining state charges, and they will be heard in part later this week. We understand and appreciate your concern. We are proud of our diverse workforce and our many long-term employees. We hope you understand that we will not engage in conversation regarding this issue going forward, as we are still in active litigation and we do not feel it would be proper to do so.
I will be honest though, it is disturbing to me that Rouses, as a company, chose to put further details about this situation (despite Mr. Allen Lee stating his story) rather than providing a typical/proper corporate response similar to maybe "We are aware of this situation and hoping to resolve it in court" or "There is more to this situation than being said that we will not speak of" type thing. Instead, they chose to speak upon further details, which just is just something that kind of disturbs me. 
While if Mr. Allen Lee is not being factual I would totally side with Rouses on this matter, the fact is, I know how these big companies are and more often than not they're in it to 'cover their ass' rather than do the right thing. I guess we will see what happens in court. 
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